Burger King grilled Bonaca Boys to gain revenge

One of the biggest team rivalries
in Cayman sport was renewed on the five-a-side football pitch on Monday night –
and what an entertaining affair it was.

Burger King lost in the final of
the Division One WestTel league last season against Bonaca Boys. Both sides
were brimming with some of Cayman’s top players so quality football was

It was ultimately Burger King – who
had remained undefeated in the league – who took the honours, 5-3. (BK won all
but one league match, drawing one game.)

In the championship game, Burger
King scorers were Rene Carter (2), Jason Ebanks, Theron Wood and John Kelly.
Bonaca Boys scorers were Carlos Powery, Rolly Bodden and Richard Grant.

Randy Merren, the Burger King
keeper, said: “It was another fantastic final between Burger King and Bonaca

“This can now be considered an
island rivalry that we are looking forward to King’s Sports Centre each season.
Hopefully the rivalry is big enough to be televised in the future!”

Gary Rutty, Burger King owner,
said: “I would like to congratulate and thank the players for their commitment
on the Burger King team and a well deserved title.

“They worked very hard this year
and the effort has paid off. I would like to thank Randy for pulling the team
together and keeping them informed on our game nights.

“This Burger King team is the most
well rounded squad on the island, and we would be up for any challenge on the
field or the court from any other team.

“Burger King played with heart and
we set our goals from last season when Bonaca Boys beat us in the final.

“We were only a tie away from
duplicating our perfect record of two seasons ago, but I think this team is a
better team and the competition was tougher.

“We would also like to congratulate
and thank the Bonaca Boys team for the sportsmanship and the best finals game
ever played at King’s.

“The game featured two champions,
but unfortunately only one winner. We would also like to thank Ray Singh and
the King’s Sports Centre for the continued commitment towards sports in Cayman.”

John Kelly, Burger King captain,
said: “The final was a very hard and physical game, but we won thanks to a
strong mental focus and determination.

“Our ball possession and passing
clicked and we came together as a team to pull off a well deserved five-a-side

Immer Carter, Bonaca Boys captain,
said: “Next season we plan to work harder and correct all our mistakes.”