Welsh cops make an arresting try

Top class rugby is on display again
this weekend.

On Friday at 5:15pm at the South
Sound Ground a Cayman club select plays the South Wales Police team and on
Sunday the full Cayman club select team play them at 3pm.

The South Wales Police team are a
select team comprised of policemen and club and representative teams from the
whole of South Wales, the rugby stronghold of the principality where rugby is
the national sport.

The Wales Police are known
throughout the world for their open and expansive style of hard running rugby.

National coach Brad Cowdroy will be
putting together an A club select side for the first game and then the best
club select side available on the Island for Sunday’s match.

This game promises to be an
excellent conclusion to the men’s rugby season as Cayman will be able to select
from all players and not just those who meet International Rugby Board
eligibility so the likes of Venassio, Ratoi and Severi, the flying Fijians,
will be on show along with players like John Murphy, Ben Blair, Scott Forrest,
Bryan Little and Chris Kennedy.

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