Inspired to do something

The Do Something Cayman campaign
will reach a climax on Friday 14 May and Saturday 15 May, with a massive two
day event at the Black Pearl skate park at Grand Harbour.

The free event is open to the
public and will feature extreme sports demonstrations, music, as well as
messages from the organiser of the campaign, former NFL player Miles McPherson.

The Do Something Cayman campaign
has garnered a lot of attention already through the efforts of the volunteers
in the community.

“I’m excited about all that’s going
on there. I think the people there are doing a great job of beautifying the
hospital, the schools and all the volunteer work that’s going on with all the
churches there,” said Mr. McPherson, president of Miles Ahead Ministries and
the man behind the Do Something campaign.

A very important part of the aim of
the campaign is to create community awareness and involvement among the youth
of Cayman.

“I think it is critical. You have a
lot of kids that are getting involved in gangs, drugs, and it is the same
things we’ve been seeing here in our country for as long as I’ve been alive,
and it does nothing but destroy their lives,” he said.

Involving the youth in the
community through initiatives like Do Something Cayman can make a big
difference, especially to at risk youth, according to Mr. McPherson.

“We want to help give them options
that will protect them from making those bad decisions and put them around
positive people so they can have a future,” he said.

With the festival planned for the
weekend, Mr. McPherson hopes to show that these positive options can be fun as

“We’re going to have a lot of fun,
we’re going to have motocross, we’re going to have extreme sport,
skateboarding, we’re going to have a Wii tent, a lot of food, games for kids of
all ages, and then we’re going to have great music as well – we’re going to
have Papa San, MXPX, and some other bands,” he said.

Events will start at 3pm on Friday
and Saturday, with extreme sport demonstrations, a Wii tent and a food court.
From 6pm to 10pm the bands will perform, with Mr. McPherson also delivering a
message on Friday and Saturday evening.

Mr. McPherson is very driven to
help the youth remain on tract, as he readily admits to having strayed quite a
bit in his youth.

“When I was a kid I was doing the
things I am trying to tell kids not to do now. When I became a Christian at 24
years old while I was playing in the National Football League, my eyes were
opened to the kind of life I could have had and now wanted to have. So I feel
very motivated to share with our young people,” he said.

“There are a lot of people right
now who feel lost and trapped in a very discouraging life, a dead end life,
that they’re not going anywhere, but there is going to come a day when they are
going to do something good and we’re going to give them the opportunity to do
that good thing on Saturday,” he continued.

The Do Something Cayman programme
is not intended to be limited to the work done by the volunteers during the
initial phase of the programme.

“Our goal is to have the good deeds
of this programme outlive our visit. We’re bringing 90 volunteers from San
Diego and we’re going to be partnering with your country to do some good things
there, but when we leave our goal is to have the people continue to serve each other
and engage the community,” said Mr. McPherson.

The local partners of the event
include the Caymanian Compass, Foster Brothers, Kirk Home Centre, Tony’s Toys,
Scotiabank, Wendy’s, Weststar TV, Black Pearl, Cayman National, LIME, Cayman
Airways, Sunshine Suites, Bodden Beverages, Island Heritage, Hurleys, Hydes
& Sons and Burger King.

For more information on the Do
Something Cayman campaign, visit