Kenroy Millwood : Batabano song contest king

always does a country proud when one of its own steps up to the fore and
renders patriotism in whatever form, be it through rhetoric; through the arts;
as long as the form is noble. Moreover, a country preens with even more elation
if that one who steps out from amongst them, to be notable for his or her
country, is a youth. It gives that country a feeling of hope – that it had
successfully reproduced able men and women to take up the baton for the next
generation. Batabanoo 2010 had kicked off with its usual colour, pomp and pageantry
– dancing in the air! De gyals dem pumping, an’ de flair! What a time! Sweet
gallivanting and mad belly whining! ‘Nough rum till we tumble dung! Oh, what

however, could not have been completed without a theme song. Five contestants
vied for the spot to have their song be that song. Amongst them was a young 17
year-old Caymanian by then name of Kenroy Millwood, a graduate of John Gray
High School. Kenroy also attended the St. Ignatius Catholic School and happened
to be doing a musical piece for his exams when Batabanoo loomed on the horizon.
Kenroy saw an opportunity to not only catapult his piece to an A-plus but also
to immortalise it as a national treasure.

wrote a song entitled, My Island, produced the rhythm and without missing a
beat, grabbed a microphone, stepped up onto the stage at Batabanoo to take first
prize, pocketing $1,000 and a contract to record his song at Hopscotch Studio.
That’s what I call; I came, I saw and I conquered! What a feat!

though quite young, is not really wet behind the ears as an artiste. Including
this contest he had entered a total of four times, twice in Pirates’ Week and
twice in  Batabanoo. He is also a member
of the band, Undiscovered who appeared at Taste of Cayman last January and at the
Hope For Haiti benefit concert in February. He also performed at John Gray High
School’s recent fundraiser at Aqua Beach. His more regular repertoire, however,
is side kicking it with Bona Fide at the Brick House. As if that wasn’t enough,
Kenroy seems to have the talent for acting. You might have caught him in the
act as the Wily Cat in Honk recently. Isadora of Bona Fide crooned that “he has
an amazing aura around him on stage”.

multi-talented Caymanian also plays the steel pan and is now teaching himself
the guitar. He wants to succeed in music. He is wise enough to know though that
the sights you set might not be the prize you get, so if singing does not get
him there, you will catch him writing songs or producing. In any event, it’s
strictly music.

winning song bespeaks the wonderful things about Cayman that people oftentimes
overlook! One other thing that the Batabanoo King does not forget is the group
Memories Of Space Justice and one of the founding members, Greggie G of
Hopscotch Studios. Greg you are the wind beneath Kenny’s wings. More gusto, so
he can soar higher!

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