Jamaicans deported most

Drugs, theft, corruption most common crimes

A review of government data on
deportations from the Cayman Islands over the past five years has found that
Jamaicans make up just more than 70 per cent of all those who have been forced
to leave the territory because of criminal activity.

The stats, obtained under the
Freedom of Information Law, also revealed that drugs-related crime is the most
common reason people are kicked off the Islands, followed by thefts/burglaries,
fraud offences, and immigration-related offences.

According to the records, since the
start of 2005 a total of 91 people have been deported from Cayman. With the
exception of one American national – for whom no reason was given – all of the
deportations followed some instance of crime occurring.

Offences leading to deportation of
an individual ranged from relatively minor driving offences to attempted murder
and manslaughter cases.

Sixty-four of the 91 people
deported were from Jamaica; seven were from Honduras; four were from the
Philippines; three each from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic; and two
deportees were from the US.

The rest of those deported since
2005 included one person each from the following countries: Australia, Cuba,
Grenada, Britain, the Netherlands,
Canada and Venezuela. One
African was deported over the five year period as well, but statistics did not
state what country that person was from.

The highest year for deportations
from Cayman was 2005, when 25 people were sent off. The lowest year was 2007,
when 11 were removed. So far this year, records showed that just three people
have been deported from Cayman.

A total of 37 drugs offences led to
the deportation of 34 Jamaicans, one Dominican, one American and one Dutch
national. Most of the drugs offences were for ganja or cocaine; just one cases
involved ecstasy.

The next most common crimes among
deportees were burglaries and theft, of which 13 have led to deportations since

Ten people have been sent off
Cayman for fraud or corruption related offences and the same number have been
deported for immigration-related offences over the last five years.

The remainder of the crimes leading
to deportation included nine instances of violence (including attempted murder,
manslaughter, and assault), nine sex crimes (usually defilement – sex with an
underage girl), one arson case, and one man sent off for driving offences.

There was one instance where a
50-year-old American national was deported in 2005 for “unknown” reasons.

All serious crimes committed by
foreign nationals in Cayman do not always lead to immediate deportation.
Sometimes a jail sentence must be served first before the individual is sent

However, figures obtained from Her
Majesty’s Prison Northward in February of this year indicated that the vast
majority of those serving prison sentences in the Cayman Islands
are Caymanians.

According that data – again
obtained under an open records request – showed that 80 per cent of all men
being held at Northward were Caymanian, and that 89 per cent of those who had
been convicted of violent crimes were Caymanian.

With regard to drug possession and consumption offences,
all 20 of those incarcerated at the time the data was received from the prison
were Caymanian; an indication that foreigners convicted of those crimes are
usually deported rather than incarcerated.

However, 13 of the 23 prisoners – 56 per cent – imprisoned
for more serious drug offences were foreigners.

Of the 15 prisoners incarcerated at Northward for sex
offences, 10 were there for rape and five were there for indecent assault.
Thirteen of the 15 sentenced or on remand for sex offences were Caymanian.


  1. I am a bit surprise that this is in the front of the Newspaper like we never knew this before! I think the most sensational news that should be headline, is Mac attacking the Freedom of Press. But who am I to decide what should go on the front of a Newspaper.

    Also, most naturally, Jamaicans are the largest nationality on the Island other than Caymanians, and hence wouldn’t the statistics reflect that??? dah… everyone must feel proud now not being amongst the most violent and terrible people!

    As a Caymanian who reads his Newspaper, I will have you know, most of the crimes here is being committed by our own CAYMANIAN youngsters as well as Jamaican. Check the statistics out good! I don’t understand our Justice system – But just, I think last year, the last bank robbery was by Caymanian youngsters at Savannah’ Cayman National Bank and sorry to say because of certain family connections they got off! Anywhere else in the world, these youngsters would be serving time for such a grave offence.

    Just food for thought 🙂

  2. This article seems rather pejorative. It makes it appear as though all crimes are committed by Jamaicans. Is there a possibility that we could get a total breakdown of all crimes committed on Island by nationality.

  3. I wrote a very long post disagreeing with this article as headline news and then changed my mind out of fear of not supporting freedom of the press.

  4. This article points to deportation from the Island. Just as a past article pointed to crime statistics in Cayman by nationality; in which it clearly stated that the majority of serious crimes prosecuted in Cayman were by Caymanians. Just as the crime rate in Jamaica is disproportionate when compared with many countries, so are the Deportation of Jamaicans..

  5. You know I am alarmed that some people act as though we owe them somthing!.

    The people of the Cayman Islands do not owe anyone anything!, not a job, a work permit nor a marriage certificate for citizenship.We are too small to Open UP our boarders to the whole world! and Mr. Bush should know that, and start stating so in his comments.

    We all know what the statistics of crime are. The current policy adopted by the Cayman Immigration board needs to REMAIN. If Jamaicans make up already 70% of the imported workforce why would you or anyone IN YOUR RIGHT MIND want to "jeopardise" the burden of the people and the Cayman Islands and our Government by allowing X-pats to also import X-pats already MAJORITY! , meaning more Jamaicans. that is as senseless as walking with "Two Left Shoes" and it is suicidal to the core! We have an MLA from West Bay with nothing else to do BUT SUPPORT changing the policy of the Cayman Immigration board that is geared to protect our society, with this present policy working well on the books!

    Cayman Immigration Board do not need to look at this policy in any other light Big Mac and Cline are both WRONG about this. As far as the restricted policy is concerned IT SHOULD REMAIN.
    It has nothing to do with racism or diescrimination, any idiot will agree that this is a matter of ‘NATIONAL SECURITY!" dah!

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