Beneil Miller looks to Berklee to fulfill musical dreams

is the first uttering of promise – the dawn of eternity – like a raw gem to be
honed and chiseled by time and circumstances, into the priceless treasure that
it truly is – was meant to be. It is the undiscovered, to be uncovered… in

week I featured Kenroy Millwood, a young Caymanian of the group, Undiscovered.
This week, the spotlight focuses on another member of that group, Beneil

young musician, like Kenroy, is also 17 years old. He is of slight built and
appears as if he is still on the threshold of youthful innocence but don’t be
fooled. He is the keyboard player and musical director for the group.

little fingers timidly touched ebony and ivory for the first time whilst in
Primary school. At the time he wasn’t all that interested in music but too
late, the seed was already planted within him, to lay seemingly dormant for a
time, yet really germinating in quiet reticence until it could wait longer –
until that time when it would burst forth from the inspiring warmth of the sun
to reach out to the stars. It was whilst in middle school that seeds began to
sprout.  People began to take notice of
his prowess on the keyboard, so naturally, this generated a boost of adrenaline
that led him on a course of deeper focus in music.

December, 2009 he was given the privilege of performing in the Cayman Islands
Jazz Fest with Cayman’s Jimmy Hendrix, Jonathan Ebanks. The seed had indeed
sprouted and was shooting up like the Beanstalk. That same stage happened to
bear the weight of musical greats like Peabo Bryson, Keith Sweat and Mike
Phillips – Oh! That moment in time!

March, this year, Mr. Miller auditioned for placement in Berklee College of
Music, located in Boston, Massachusetts. Berklee is one of the most prestigious
music schools in the United States and as such demands a great feat or a
miracle for admission.

 He vied for placement along with approximately
800 other hopefuls. Recently, he received the good news that he had been
accepted at the prestigious college. This is not just great for Beniel but
great for Cayman Islands, that produced him. Where are the Champagne poppers?!

 I can just imagine his fingers flying over the
keys of his keyboards in rapturous musical joy on receiving the news, then
suddenly, he struck a bad chord – Berklee comes with a heavy price tag and he
realised that, although he was accepted, he might still not walk through the
doors of the musicians’ Neverland to fulfill his dreams. Can he explore the
possibilities of a scholarship from Government, the musical fraternity or
anyone who would not like to see a promise come to nought – a dream dissipate
into a wishful wisp?

Miller humbly places his contact number at the feet of hope (939-5725) alternatively
would-be donors can call  his mother,
Hyacinth Miller, at 916-7592. Mrs. Miller is in process of setting up an account
for anyone who wishes to spur him on.

young musician had received Musician of the Year awards at his graduation from George
Hicks Middle School and John Gray High School. 
He has also received several gold awards in the Festival of the Arts over
the years. Also, he was a finalist in the Young Musician of the Year competition
in 2008 and 2009.

would be a tragedy to let this dream die. Our youths are the promises God has
given us for the future.

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