Cayman Youth Choir voice placement workshop

Choir looks to grow and become good enough to
perform in overseas concerts by recruiting more talent

Youth Choir is to hold a voice placement workshop, to test the voice range and
placement of choristers and would be members on Saturday, 29 May.

workshop will be held at the University College of the Cayman Islands from
1.30pm to 3pm.

interested in taking part are asked to call Simon or Judith Harvey, at either
947-7891 or 546-3302 to arrange an appointment.

Youth Choir was formed in 2008 when the choir was set up to participate in that
year’s Cayman Arts Festival. The choir last sang publicly at this February’s
arts festival with an orchestra from Jamaica.

like to build on that momentum and to create a platform for excellence in
performance that would at some stage allow the choir to develop to an
international standard which would allow it to travel overseas to perform,”
Mr.  Harvey said.

is at present no age limit to membership as the choir needs to grow from the 16
members it currently has.

Twist, the choir’s musical director, will be supported by Elaine Graham, Lisa
Bowyer and Simon and Judith Harvey, who bring a mix local knowledge and
overseas expertise in youth choir work.