One Native’s Son

Cayman’s newest art gallery, Arteccentrix, will be hosting their second solo
artist exhibition from 27 May to 5 June.

show, titled One Native’s Son, will be local artist Horacio Esteban’s first
solo exhibition at a local gallery.

Mr. Esteban is known primarily for his Caymanite sculptures, the exhibition
will also showcase hanging pieces and mosaics.

sculptural creations are exceptional,” said gallery owner and artist Nickola

pieces that we have here are unreal; the colours are stunning and so striking.”

25 examples of the artist’s work will be on display at the Governors Square Gallery,
most of which will be sculptural pieces made solely of native Caymanite.

is found only in Cayman,” explained Mrs. McCoy-Snell, “and he brings it to
life. He always finds the perfect line that makes his pieces look like they’re

the gallery owner acknowledged that there are many talented local craftsmen who
use Caymanite to make jewellery, she said that few could match Mr. Esteban’s artistic

brings it to life,” she said. “And that is something that we’d like to share
with the public.”

addition to periodic solo exhibitions, Arteccentrix holds monthly
mini-features, as well as a bi-weekly rotation of twelve local artists.

featured in the gallery include Mrs. McCoy-Snell herself, Luelan Bodden, Joseph
Betty, Renate Seffer, Al Ebanks, Gordon Solomon, Greg Lipton,Christel Ibsen
and Steve Joscelyn.

Joscelyn will be the focus of this month’s mini-feature that will showcase the
artist’s photography.

is open from 10 am to 6 pm on weekdays and 10am to 4pm on Saturdays.


Mother and Child by Caymanian artist Horacio Esteban is one of 25 pieces of his work in his One Native’s Son exhibition at Arteccentrix.
Photo: Submitted