Baby survives cord wrapped around neck four times


A family in Cayman is celebrating
the arrival of a new son with relief after the baby survived a traumatic birth
this month.

During the birth of baby Javier
Fuentes, who was born on 6 May at Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital, it was
discovered during his delivery that the umbilical cord was wrapped around his
neck four times.

“In 30 years of practice, I’ve
never seen this happen before,” said Dr. Sarath de Alwis, who delivered the
child in a Caesarian section operation.

Although umbilical cords wrapped
around babies’ neck is not uncommon, Dr. De Alwis said it was “extremely rare”
for a cord to be wrapped four times around the neck.

The medical team unwrapped the cord
from the child’s neck. Umbilical cords can be cut or untwined from a baby’s
neck during delivery.

Ms Scott said she had been going
for regular checks at the hospital and was admitted to the hospital at 37 weeks
for the baby’s delivery.

“I had an epidural and I knew
nothing about it until the next morning when Javier’s father, Jovin, told me
what had happened. Then the doctor came in and told me the same thing,” she

Ms Scott, who also has two-year-old
twins, said her baby was in good health. Javier was 6.2lbs when he was born and
has been putting on weight since.

Cords wrapped around babies’ necks
can cause foetal distress. In this case, there appeared to be no foetal
distress, but the baby was a breach birth so the medical team decided to go
ahead with a Caesarian section. Dr. de Alwis said it was not apparant from the
scan that the cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck.

Ms Scott was released hospital two
days after the delivery and little Javier, who had been transferred for
follow-up care to the Cayman Islands Hospital, was released on Monday, 17 May.

“It’s good to have him home,” she


Rowena Scott with baby Javier.
Photo: Norma Connolly


  1. I would suggest that the Compass contact the Health Services Authority regarding the true story about this miracle baby who was saved at their hospital.

    This child, but for this incident, would be no different from many c-sections performed where babies have the cord, at times, loosely wrapped around quite a few times depending on the length of the cord.

    The real credit should be given to the Neonatal Care unit Nurses who responded appropriately / quickly on arrival of the newborn.

    I am sure the Compass would make mention of the Nurses who made the difference and not the doctors like the Obstetrician as has happened.

    For fair reporting and for the good of journalism, please only print the true facts

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