Cayrock moves broadcasting tower

much wrangling over the location of its transmitter, Cayrock is now
broadcasting from a tower in Newlands.

station, owned by dms Broadcasting, moved its transmission antenna out of
George Town over the weekend.

regulator, the Information and Communication Technology Authority, refused to
renew the station’s licence last October and ordered it to cease broadcasting
from its tower in George Town because it was interfering with the reception of
other FM channels.

a court stayed the order and ruled the station could continue to operate until
a judicial review was held.

Archbold, managing director of the Information and Communication Technology
Authority, confirmed Friday that there had been an out-of-court agreement
between the two parties and Cayrock had agreed to relocate to Newlands during
the weekend.

radio station’s lawyer, Stuart Diamond, said the station had dubbed its
broadcasting relocation “Cayrock Move Out”, and said it entailed relocating of
Cayrock’s transmission antenna to a tower in Newlands that was specially
heightened for the purpose.

Broadcasting is making strides toward moving 96.5 Cayrock’s transmission
antenna to a new tower location, in Newlands,” said Bryan Hollenbaugh, dms Broadcasting’s
market manager, on Friday. He confirmed Monday that the antenna had been
erected in its new location.

feel this process, and subsequent consent order, has worked to our listeners’
benefit. The end result is an enhanced tower structure that can accommodate
Cayrock’s need to ensure we provide the best signal coverage for our listeners,”
said Mr. Hollenbaugh.

we moved at the time of the original deadline, the appropriate tower height
required to ensure successful transmission was not available and would have
greatly impacted our continued success in the marketplace. Our listeners are in
a much better position today, as a result of our original challenge,” he added.

relocation of Cayrock means there are now no radio stations broadcasting from
George Town.

moved their broadcasting operations temporarily to George Town after Hurricane
Ivan destroyed their permanent facilities in September 2004, but had been progressively
moving out since then, mostly to the Newlands/Northward area.

2008, only three remained in George Town – Heaven 97, Gospel and Cayrock. That
year, the Information and Communication Technology Authority told those remaining
stations that they would have to relocate out of George Town prior to obtaining
their five-year licence renewal. When Cayrock applied to renew its licence last
year, the regulatory body turned down the application on the grounds that it
was still broadcasting from George Town.