Sharks wounded as history repeats itself

The San Jose Sharks and their
fan-base have good reason to feel as if post-season ghosts from 2004 are
haunting them. That was the last time their team was in the Western Conference

They were the second seed and
enjoyed home-ice advantage while their opponents the Calgary Flames were sixth.
But the underdogs left HP Pavilion with a 2-0 series before dispatching the
Sharks in six games. Fast forward to 2010 and the nightmare is happening once
again in San Jose.

Jonathan Toews continues to star
for the Chicago Blackhawks as his side left HP Pavilion with a commanding 2-0
series lead. Most of the Sharks harbour no feelings from the conference finals
debacle from five years ago, save for Patrick Marleau and Evgeni Nabokov. Both
admitted that it does feel like déjà vu.

“There is a little bit of that. I
think we’d definitely like the next two games if it’s going to be the same,”
Marleau said. “Yeah, I guess you can compare that in terms of going down 2-0,”
Nabokov said. “But it’s a different team.”

It may be a different team but
another San Jose collapse looks likely. According to Joe Pavelski, it’s all
about commitment.

“We didn’t have nearly enough guys
out there,” Pavelski said. “We didn’t get the job done. When we have won so far
this season, it’s been a commitment by everybody. Everybody’s showed up, and
that’s what we need.”

One thing the Sharks must improve
is the offense. The Sharks have just three goals in two games this series. Even
defensemen like Dan Boyle, who won a Stanley Cup with the Tampa Bay Lightning
in 2004, want more goals.

“At the end of the
day, we’re not scoring, we’re not putting the puck in the net,” Boyle said.
“What do we got? Three goals in two games? It’s not going to cut it against a
team that can put three or four or five in your net in one night. The good news
is everybody thinks that we’re done. Nothing would make me happier than to come
back and disappoint everybody because everybody thinks we’re done. I’m
certainly not going to quit and I know the guys around here aren’t going to