Editorial for May 26: Kudos to charity supporters

Considering the still rather gloomy
economic picture, it would be if expected for local charities to be feeling the
donation blues. Add the fact that many individuals and businesses donated to
the Haiti earthquake relief fund earlier this year, and this should be a
difficult time for most local charities.

But many of the large charitable
organizations like the National Council of Volunteer Organisations, Hedge Funds
Care, the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, the Cayman Islands Humane Society, the
Cayman Islands Little League Association and the local service clubs are still
holding very successful fundraising events. 
Last weekend, the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman held its annual Camelot
Auction and grossed more than $200,000, a remarkable feat.

The success of most of the
fundraising events is due to two elements: corporate sponsorship for tables and
the generosity of the individuals that attend the events.

This is happening despite the
increase of business costs, the increase in the cost of living, and the fact
that so many organisations are asking for support.

However, when it comes to charity,
the Cayman Islands has been a very special place for a long time.  The extraordinary amount of charitable support
here allows many organizations to provide a wide range of vital community
services, many of which governments have to pay for in other countries – if the
service is offered at all.

Some people seem to think that many
businesses here only take, take, take, and that they don’t pay their fair share
for community services. But anyone who has ever had a friend or family member
with cancer, or who has had food delivered to them by Meals on Wheels, or who
has lived in the Pines or one of the boys’ or girls’ homes, or who has played
in the Little League or expereinced the generosity of Cayman’s service clubs
should realize that most of that couldn’t have happened without the support of
local businesses and residents.

We applaud all of those people and
businesses that continue to support community non-profit organizations for
their invaluable contributions to this society.