Letters to the Editor: Lion fish a scourge

I just have a little beef regarding
the lion fish that are infesting Cayman’s reefs.

These fish, not native to these
waters, originated from I believe the Indian Ocean. They had been kept in
isolation at a research facility in Florida, and unfortunately escaped into the
Caribbean during a hurricane. The fish, although very pretty to look at, are
very venomous to divers. They survive on the smaller reef fish and may kill a
reef in a short time if left alone. They produce roughly 30,000 eggs at one
time and have no natural predators.

Some dive operators organise
cut-rate dives so that licensed divers can catch them with small nets. They are
brought up to the boat, euthanised on ice and then kept for inspection.

My comment is that we need the
Cayman fisheries to allow the regular diver to kill these fish every time they
see one. I see more of these pests every time I dive.

A simple, pointed, long handled
thin metal rod would work very well. If left much longer, these fish will take
over Cayman’s beautiful reefs.

Something has to be done now!

Phil Robinson