Joanna Clarke Award fetes educators

Joanna Clarke Education Award winners were announced on Saturday, 22 May at a
gala event held at Luca restaurant.

winners were Cayman Prep and High School for its a marine science programme,
George Town Primary School for its Digital Visual Media Club and John Gray High
School for its Scuba Diving Club.  dms
Organisation presented a  cheque to each
of the winners to help fund the initiatives.

award started with a belief that our children, who represent our future, are a
worthy investment in the well being of our community. dms believes in the
importance of corporate social responsibility, and this award is part of our
ongoing commitment to recognize deserving initiatives that focus on our youth
and provides them the support to succeed,” said dms President Don Seymour. 

Prep and High School recently introduced a marine science programme as an
A-level two-year course which can be used for advanced credit at North American
universities. The funds will aid in furthering efforts to offer students a host
of off-site excursions, providing invaluable hands-on experience for students.

students insight to the world of media, George Town Primary School introduced a
Digital Visual Media Club which equips students with necessary skills to
integrate literacy with media. The grant will go toward teaching students
various digital, visual, broadcasting and photojournalism applications, as well
as the opportunity to explore careers in the relevant industry.

John Gray High School Scuba Diving Club seeks to heighten awareness for
environmental and marine conservation, and the funds will contribute to the
purchase of equipment to make diving more accessible to students after they
have completed their open-water dive course.

other finalists recognized at the ceremony and their proposed initiatives
included Bodden Town Primary School – Beyond School and The Wellness Centre –
Autism in the Classroom. 

 During the evening Ms. Clarke read a poem and
offered a blessing.

is particularly motivating about the evening is that everyone in the room was
there for the same reasons – for the children of the Cayman Islands and to
ensure that they are exposed to the best opportunities possible,” she said.

would like to personally extend my gratitude to Don Seymour for taking the
initiative to bring us together in this endeavour. This is an event that I hold
close to my heart as the education community comes together to celebrate the
efforts being made island wide. I wish that we could award all the applicants
as there really are so many deserving initiatives put forth. More than anything,
I would like to thank all the applicants for the time they invest in our youth.
Their efforts are admirable, and on behalf of the JCA- we thank each of you.”

launched this education initiative to recognize the efforts of all persons and
organizations that contribute to education in the Cayman Islands. The JCA
criteria are: ensuring that the initiative contributes to and promotes excellence
in education in the Cayman Islands; is sustainable and measurable; contributes
to increase parental and/or community involvement in education; is affiliated
with a reputable educational institution or organization; demonstrates a proven
history in successful education projects and/or teaching; and has a contingency
for leadership. Committee members then numerically rated each finalist on each
criteria point to determine an overall score for each initiative, thereby
selecting the award winners. 

Open to the public for ticket and table sales,
all proceeds raised, as well as from the silent auction, will go towards funds
for the 2011 Joanna Clarke Scholarship Fund. For further information on the Joanna
Clarke Excellence in Education Award visit