Getting your day off to a good start

How do you start your day? With
breakfast or without?

There are schools of thought about
the breakfast issue, and research shows that people who eat breakfast
(including children), are better able to concentrate and perform during the
day. It also is usually documented that people who skip breakfast eat more than
necessary late at night.

Starting the day with breakfast is
a good idea, but not everybody is able to face a plate of eggs, toast and bacon
first thing in the morning, in spite of the old adage that we should eat
breakfast like a king.

There are those, however, who
cannot eat anything until two to three hours after they are up and about,
therefore not able to take the royal route of breakfasting like a king. 

Other people hit the floor in the
morning running with nothing but breakfast on their minds.

Is one way more correct than the

In the Lifestyles weight loss
programme, participants are encouraged to tailor-design their own style of
eating with the goal of eating balanced nutrition throughout the day. This
means that breakfast can be a light or as large as they choose.

Starting the day with fresh fruit
is a good beginning and an encouraged habit, followed by choices that fuel their
personal energy needs until lunchtime.

The idea of personal choice and
flexibility is important and will enable you to stick to your health-related

Be careful of rigid rules that set
you up for failure. Some mornings, your body may require more food than others
and developing mindful eating practices is a key component in knowing what’s
best for you. 

Mindful eating is a new concept in
weight loss, and part of our ongoing work on obesity here in Cayman.

There are so many conflicting
viewpoints on what to eat for breakfast and when to eat it. Lifestyles’
suggests, however, that you make breakfast at home or take it to work/school
with you, bypassing the fast-food options available. Most, if not all,
fast-food breakfast selections are high in fat.

Become wise in making decisions
that work for you.

Donna Mitchell is a lifestyle consultant specialising in weight
management and self-help. Email her at
[email protected].