Pete’s heroics

The CDMS Islanders are a
game away from local hockey glory. For the most part they can thank veteran
Pete Holowchuk.

On Tuesday night Holowchuk
notched five goals and an assist to lead CDMS to a convincing 10-4 win over the
Barracudas in game two of the Cherry Cup finals of the WestTel Adult Roller
Hockey League. Holowchuk constantly pressured the Barracudas and was a big
reason why the Islanders got 35 shots on goal.

As has been the norm this
season, Holowchuk was helped mightily by line-mate Ben Rivard. The rookie
forward had a goal and two assists on the night. Ian Bridges made a grand
return to the rink after being sidelined for some time as he notched a goal and
two assists as well.

CDMS had other offensive
contributions from three mostly defensive players. Brendan Malice persevered
through a tender thigh injury to nab two goals while gritty Paul Peene and
teenager Jean-Louis Beaudet had an assist each. On the other end of the court
the Islanders held their own to stifle a Barracudas offense that produced nine
goals in game one.

Nevertheless the Barracudas broke through with two goals and
an assist from Reilly Novak, a goal and an assist from Eric Lacasse and a goal
from sports enthusiast Colin Wilson. Game three of best-of-three is Tuesday
June 1 at 9pm.