West Bay raises $2,500 for Adryan

West Bay community came out in force to show they really care about their own
on Sunday. Teenager Adryan Powell, shot and confined to a wheelchair last year,
needs to raise $10,000 for medical expenses.

Under-13 football tournament was organised at the Ed Bush Stadium and some of
Cayman’s best youngsters did battle all afternoon.

four teams were

Mile Soccer, Academy Football Club, Bodden Town Football Club and a West Bay
Select wearing Scholars uniforms. They were playing for the West Bay Community
Cup and the tournament was organised by the recently formed West Bay Sports
Foundation which promotes sports in the district and to assist with any
athletes (not limited to footballers) in the community that are furthering
their education in sports.

the first time ever in the Cayman Islands, the four teams received direct
financial assistance to their clubs which will be used to assist in sponsoring
one of their players educationally or for further development of their football

gate receipts and canteen were managed by the family and friends of Adryan, 14,
a former Future player and all these funds went towards helping with his
ongoing medical treatment.

main sponsors were: Fidelity Bank, Burger King, MJS Plumbing, Firextinguisher
Pros and SureBuilt Construction Ltd.

fears were that the day may have to be postponed because of the heavy rains up
till Friday. Thankfully, the weather Gods favoured this important event and it
was dry from Saturday.

football was played by all teams and it was Bodden Town under coach Elbert
McLean who triumphed after six hours of mini 20 minute battles. Sports minister
Mark Scotland who is also BT’s president, watched proudly as his side received
the trophy.

total of $2,500 was raised for Adryan which just goes to show how far community
spirit can go. Considering it was mostly done on short notice and the bad
weather hampered things, this was a stirring achievement and everyone involved
should be applauded. Too often West Bay gets a bad rap but in this case it
deserves major props.

Powelll was voted the tournament’s MVP and local college students Kareem James
and Jessus Ebanks received small sums to help with their education. All the
match officials worked for free.

captain Dion Brandon was one of the organisers. He said; “Thankfully, the
weather cleared up because it had been a little untoward. People came out and
supported us strongly and we’re very thankful of that.”


Bodden Town were the West Bay Community Cup winners.
Photo: Ron Shillingford