Authorities ask Coke to yield

Public Defender Earl Witter has
issued a public appeal for Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke to turn himself in to the
authorities, saying both he and the Political Ombudsman, Bishop Herro Blair,
stood ready to facilitate the process.

“In offering him this opportunity,”
Witter explained, “our intention is to ensure that we should be in a position
to monitor the conditions under which he [Coke] would be incarcerated.”

Mr. Coke has reportedly been on the
run since police and soldiers stormed his West Kingston community of Tivoli
Gardens in order to serve an arrest warrant last week. Mr. Coke is wanted in
the United States to answer gun-and drug-related charges.

Police Commissioner Owen Ellington
said that despite media reports that Coke had left the country, the police
believe he is still in Jamaica.

The police have also issued an
appeal to Coke to turn himself in.

Meanwhile, Mr. Witter, who was
speaking at a press conference in Kingston, said he had also recommended to
Prime Minister Bruce Golding that a commission of enquiry be established to
conduct a judicial enquiry into the conduct of the security forces since the
proclamation of the State of Emergency.

Last week 76 people were killed,
including three members of the security forces, and 58, (30 soldiers and 28
cops), injured. The joint police/military team also seized 28 illegal weapons,
8,885 rounds of assorted ammunition, explosive devices, police and military
uniforms and paraphernalia during the last days of gun battles between gunmen
and police.

A temporary office has been set up
inside Tivoli Gardens for residents there to make formal complaints about the
conduct of members of the security forces. Residents from Denham Town and
surrounding communities are being encouraged to call the office at 922-4159
with their complaints.

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Photo: Jamaica Observer