Celtics need Allen’s smooth touch

A number of storylines surround the
2010 NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. Most
centre around the history between the two teams and star players Rajon Rondo
and Kobe Bryant.

With the way Rondo has carried
Boston this season he deserves the publicity. He has become arguably one of the
five best point guards in the league. Meanwhile for the Lakers Kobe Bryant
continues to be arguably the best in the game at present and turned in a number
of memorable games this post-season.

To this reporter two of the
under-rated plots is the impact Ray Allen can have on the series and the
match-up problems Lamar Odom can create. As the Magic and Cavaliers can attest
Rondo has the quickness and ball control to get to the paint and make plays at
will. They key at containing him seems to be to keep him out of the paint and
force him into being a jump shooter. More than likely that will lead to a
defensive shift for L.A. and some breathing room for Allen to work on guys like
Derek Fisher. However Allen has to capitalize and shoot the way he did two
years ago. If he does he can make the Finals a seven-game epic battle.

On the other hand this reporter
likes the Lakers to win in six games, mainly due to their big men. To this
reporter Odom is an under-rated force that still has the legs to blow by the
likes of Kevin Garnett and the touch to torch Kenrick Perkins or Rasheed Wallace
from the perimeter. With improved defensive effort Odom is also capable of
being a consistent two-way threat and with better camraderie with Kobe and Pau
Gasol Odom can give L.A. a second title in three years.

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