Caribbean Reading Club discusses new authors

monthly Caribbean Reading Club will meet on Wednesday, 9 June at 7pm at Books
& Books to discuss two novels.

books in question are The Dragon Can’t Dance, by Earl Lovelace and Annie John,
which was penned by Jamaica Kincaid.

Dragon Can’t Dance was described by Kirkus Reviews as a poignant, beautifully
crafted tale. Author Lovelace is considered the consummate Caribbean man of
letters by Publishers Weekly.

the novel, Carnival takes on social and political importance for the population
of a shantytown called Calvary Hill. Usually invisible to the rest of society,
these locals join the throng and flaunt their neighbourhood personas in
masquerade during the Carnival festivities. For some, these disguises help to
realize secret longings and aspirations. But for Aldrick, the dashing King of
the Hill who is dressed as a glorious dancing dragon, it will take one more
masquerade – this time involving guns and hostages – before the illusion of
power becomes reality.

her first, prize-winning collection of stories, At the Bottom of the River,
Jamaica Kincaid’s work has been met with nothing short of amazement. The New
York Times hailed her “prophetic power” and the Los Angeles Times Book Review
said: “No one else seems to be writing quite this way right now.” With Annie
John, the story of a young girl coming of age in Antigua, Kincaid tore open the
theme that lies at the heart of all her fierce, incantatory novels: the
ambivalent and essential bonds created by a mother’s love. In this novel,
written in Kincaid’s lucid, elemental style, Annie John’s ambivalence is universally
familiar and wrenchingly real.

Caribbean Reading Club is free to join and its meetings, held on the second
Wednesday of the month at 7pm, are open to the public. New members are welcome.

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