Church rises up to crime concerns

The current state of Cayman’s crime
levels has become too much for one Church to bear and they are taking steps to
address it.

The Cayman Council of the United
Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands has launched a campaign of public
service ads in response to the increasing public concern about the
unprecedented level of crime.

The ads focus on a series of
practical reminders that most people will be familiar with but many often lose
sight of in the expediency of dealing with every day issues.  As the Church’s Regional Deputy General Secretary
Bryan Bothwell states the plan is to promote positive sentiments in the

“The ads seek to remind the
community that everyone has a part to play if we are going to make Cayman once
more into a place where people can feel safe and where families and businesses
alike can thrive,” Bothwell said. “Much emphasis is given to parenting and
nurturing our children in the right way. The adage that it takes a village to
raise a child, which has become almost a cliché, has been turned around to make
the point that the village will raise the child. The question is, which village
will that be? To have your young neighbours raised by the village of
law-abiding people all honourable people have to chip in.”  The ads also look at the need for both
employees and employers to each do the right thing so the economy can provide
the means for fighting crime through education, policing and other programmes
generally regarded as effective and to avoid the kinds of unconscionable
economic disparities that previously did not exist in Cayman.

Mr. Bothwell notes that, “The call
in general is for all of us to do right; for some that will mean the emphasis
is to turn from doing wrong; for others the emphasis might simply be on doing
more to help ensure the necessary corrections and enhancements are made.”

Although the reminders are
predominantly not overtly Biblical, the Church notes that the redeeming message
of Christ’s Gospel will be evident throughout, as will God’s insistence on
justice, mercy and humility. It adds that no matter how stridently some residents
now oppose the voice of Christianity, it is difficult for any thinking person
to dispute the wisdom of major Biblical themes such as that people suffer from
the sins of (or put another way the adverse social conditions left behind by)
their parents or earlier generations and that at the same time individuals do
not have to suffer for the wrong doing of their forefathers. They can rise
above that and God is there to help lift them out of such conditions.

The ads also draw on the Biblical
demonstration of the importance of the individual (though not self-centred
individualism) – the importance to God as well as the importance in getting
things done for Him. Thus the reminders are for everyone to take responsibility
for what must, and can, be done to enhance the safety and well being of all.

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