Rotary central celebrates librarians

unique reception recognizing librarians around the Cayman Islands was organized
by Rotary Central on 25 May,

event, held at the George Town Library, acknowledged over 25 librarians for
their efforts in the Caymanian community over the year.

librarian was presented with a plaque recognizing their contributions.

need to recognize the efforts of librarians is very important within our local

the profession of being a librarian evolves with the advancement of technology
and online databases and catalogues, the role of the individuals that are there
to assist students, parents and others who visit our libraries, has not
diminished,” siad Mr. Pauld Byles, president of Rotary Central.

at the event was Rotary Central Literacy Chair, Ms Sandy Macfarlane, who participated
in the presentation of awards, as well as Rotarians Carol Jur, Sandy Cram, Ravi
Kapoor and Larry Tibbetts. Minister of Education, Training and Employment
Rolston Anglin, also attended the event, along with Ministry Deputy Chief
Officer, Mr. Christen Suckoo.

to Mr. Byles, the gesture was well received. He added that the feedback
suggests that librarians are extremely appreciative of the recognition they

is important for us to recognize librarians not only for what they do today and
what they will do in the future, but also for their roles in the past and their
contribution to the educational development of literally thousands of children
in the Cayman Islands over the years,” said Mr. Byles.

Rotary President also praised Rotary Central’s Literacy Committee for their
efforts and singled our Rotarian Carol Jung, who organized the event.

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