Party on with DJ Von

is a saying that the journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step and for
some what a journey! Who would have guessed that when Jamaican sprinter Usain
Bolt took his first timid steps as a toddler, he would one day become a world
class sprinter – but had he not taken that first step, he would not have learnt
to walk then run.

on over to the wickedest musical vibes and enter the rhythmic realms of Keevon
Douglas a.k.a. the notorious DJ Von. New to the area? No problem. Every
Saturday morning from 10am to 2pm he stars on The Early Vibes Show and you will
find yourself immersed in musical frenzy that will get you up and ticking. DJ
Von is, without argument, one of the toughest DJs to hit the Cayman circuit in
recent times, blazing a trail throughout the world, namely Canada, Miami,
Orlando, Jamaica and St.Maarten, leaving his competition choking on his dust
and his party patrons lightened up with his unique and infectious DJ style.
When not travelling to exotic places one can catch him live at L.I. Night Club
every Friday night for Ritual Fridays and Mile High Saturdays at Jet Night
Club. The DJ is a member of the world famous Renegade Sound and has also signed
as a Shadyville Caribbean DJ (G-Unit). 
Whew! Out of breath. This DJ had learnt to walk so well, he is now
running, but how did he learn to walk in the first place?

would watch sounds such as Sound Revolution, Coalition, TNT and Renegade and
practised in the back of his house. As he honed his talent, under the tutelage
of his unknowing teachers, he got stronger, better, more adept. He was ready
for the road, but wait – another mentor seemed to click in: boy you are ready
to play good but if you want to play better and become the best you must turn
what you have learnt into a style unique to you. When Keevon Douglas a.k.a. DJ
Von finally touched the road, it was mayhem. The competition was shocked! The
patrons were rocked and Cayman’s entertainment circuit has not been the same

2004 Hurricane Ivan struck and DJ Von’s equipment was not spared its wrath. The
devastation would have made one with lesser or no vision recoil in oblivion but
the DJ retreated to Cayman Brac, gathered new perspective, and then once again,
unleashed his fervour anew on Grand Cayman. Still, before he returned he woke
up the Brac and I think they are still talking about it.

his return to Grand Cayman, he got wind of an upcoming DJ completion. He
entered at the last minute and on competition night was awarded the People’s
Choice Award.  This was not the coveted
crown for number one but it was enough to gain the attention of his current
radio employer and the rest, as they say, is history.

only 23 years old and on the musical scene for only “just a hot minute” this
little musical freak is set to tear the house down. Somebody call 9-1-1 –
What’s your emergency! Wherever DJ Von is at, the party’s at and the party’s

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