Taste of Cayman to go to London this month

Cayman Islands will be represented at a major foodie event in London this month
after cuts to the Department of Tourism budget had put participation in doubt.

of London takes place between 17 and 20 June in Regent’s Park and is considered
to be the largest restaurant festival in the UK. Famous chefs including Heston
Blumenthal and Giorgio Locatelli will be showcasing their skills at the
epicurean event, which is now in its seventh year, explained Don McDougall,
regional manager for Europe at Cayman Islands Department of Tourism.

has been our plan for a while to have the Cayman Islands showcased at this
event, in keeping with our current theme of Cayman Islands culture and culinary
attractions. Taste was just one business to consumer event we had lined up as
part of this wider strategy.

have recently hosted a number of foodie journalists and were at the London Rum
Festival with Seven Fathoms Rum and Tortuga Rum Cake last October,

however, as has been the case across much of government, our budget has been
adversely affected by cuts and instead of funding an exposure of Cayman produce
and culinary delights at Taste, it looked like we were going to have to cancel
altogether,” said Mr. McDougall.

tourism representative said that the original plan had been to invite a number
of Cayman entities to London to showcase things like rum and heavy cake, hot
sauces and jellies, Seven Fathoms Rum, salt water taffy, Cayman Sea Salt and so
on, and also have restaurateurs come over and perform demonstrations of cooking
Cayman Islands speciality dishes.

do this would have been at a considerable cost not only in terms of assisting
with travel, accommodation and so on, but also in hiring catering equipment and
food storage facilities,” he explained, noting that the costs of the stand
itself had been paid already but any further outlay was not possible.

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