Police launch officer development scheme

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service launched a High Potential Development
Scheme on Friday, 4 June at the Police Headquarters in Elizabethan Square.

programme is designed to develop Caymanian officers that exhibit high levels of
skill and competence in all areas of policing and offer them mentoring,
training and professional support at every stage of their career.

is an action plan for the officers singled out for the specially assisted
training, which includes academics as well as attachments to other jurisdictions
to gain experience.

first candidate selected for the programme is Leo Anglin, who has been with the
RCIPS for six months. According to Mr. Anglin’s commanding officers, “The young
man has impressed all.”

am honoured to be the first officer to be elected to the scheme and though it
will be challenging, I know it will be worthwhile,” Mr. Anglin said. “I want
people to know that this is a great career choice and there is scope for
progress with the RCIPS.”

young officer added that it was his childhood dream to be a police officer and
he hoped to continue to move up the ranks of the service, setting an example
along the way.

mentoring and action plan expectations are at the highest level for the scheme
and the Police Commissioner David Baines said the undertaking would not be an
easy one for officers. However, with the necessary basic ingredients and the
assistance of the programme, an officer could make the rank of chief inspector
after just seven years in the force, he said.

it would take up to 20 years to reach the rank of chief inspector.

who take part in the specialised scheme would usually be those with less than
four years experience.

want to allow our community to see the best in their community,” said Mr.
Baines, who added that the RCIPS was looking to recruit 20 to 30 more officers
to join the ranks of the service in order to meet the demands of the community.

police commissioner emphasized that it was important for the police to have a
relationship with those they served and it was equally important to engage
those who have issues with the police to find out how officers can make a
difference wherever a grievance may be.       

Commissioner Baines all new recruits of the RCIPS will attend weekly lectures
at the University College of The Cayman Islands. Upon completion of the 20 week
course, the officers are presented with a Certificate in Policing Studies.

are 29 officers currently taking the course.

of the RCIPS say the qualification will provide a foundation for future studies
and could lead to a degree or masters qualification.

Anglin is also attending the course.


From left, Police Commissioner David Baines and Constable Leo Anglin.
Photo: Stuart Wilson

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