Tax webinar coming up

Solomon Harris will be hosting a
webinar on 30 June called Coming and Going: UK & US Tax Considerations for
Moving to Cayman. The webinar will take place between 11:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.
and will feature guest speakers and a panel.

The first part of the seminar will
cover tax considerations for relocating from the UK to the Cayman Islands, and
for former UK resident who live in the Cayman Islands but have assets,
including inherited assets, in the UK.

“The UK tax authorities have become
increasingly more aggressive with respect to taxation of the assets and
investments of persons who have not effectively left the UK,” said the firm’s
Sophia Harris.

“This webinar will be of interest
to people who are thinking about leaving the UK for the Cayman Islands as well
as people from the UK who currently reside in the Cayman Islands but have
residual ties to the UK.”

The second part of the seminar will
cover US tax compliance for Cayman companies and residents.

“The US has recently adopted new
legislation that requires persons outside the US, including entities formed in
the Cayman Islands, to submit information to the IRS pertaining to assets held
outside the US directly by US persons or in which US persons may have an
interest,” said Ms Harris.

“This webinar will be of interest
to managers, brokers and other service providers who have clients who are US

Paul Hotchkiss of Hotchkiss
Associates Ltd, who will join us to discuss the UK tax issues pertaining to
leaving, and effectively staying out of, the UK, and Asher Harris, of Asher
Harris Law Office, who will discuss the new US compliance requirements.

The panel will also include Kay
Carter of the Solomon Harris Investment Funds Group, and Head of Commercial, Estates
& Trust Litigation at Solomon Harris, Nick Holland.

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