Dog days of summer

heat did not stop volunteers and pet owners from enjoying the Cayman Islands
Humane Society’s annual Petapalooza music festival on Saturday, 5 June.

and their owners partied from noon on into the night, in front of the Brick
House Restaurant in Grand Harbour, to the sounds of local bands and musicians.

to the President of the Humane Society, Carolyn Parker, the band listings, the
funds raised, and the event attendance have grown consistently since the first
Petapalooza event in 2007.

get more and more awareness, and more and more volunteers, and it just gets
bigger and better every year,” agreed Humane Society Lead Volunteer Coordinator
Alysha Stoangi.

organisers set this year’s goal at $20,000

support the Shelter Expansion Project, but the generosity of local donors
easily surpassed this fundraising goal.

met our goal and then some,” Ms Parker said, adding that donations were still
being received.

we have two potential adoptions out of the four dogs that we brought there,”
she said. “I think that’s as spectacular as the money raised.”

and musicians at this year’s festival included Madame Speaker, Suckerbox, Big
Eye Squirrle, Gary Ebanks and the Free to Be Ensemble, the Barefoot Man, Sea N’
B, Suite Elite, the Carlos Magas Band, Bonafide, Red White & Blues, and
Jeff Alban.

some bands were performing at Petapalooza for the first time, other band
members were seasoned veterans.

the third time we’ve played for it,” said Bob Mosely of the band Red White
& Blues. “It was a good crowd and people brought their dogs out.”

Ferrao, lead vocalist of Bonafide, said that it was the band’s first appearance
at Petapalooza, but that it would not be their last. “It was an awesome event,”
she said. “It was really well attended… and all the bands that performed did
extremely well.”

Quappe of the band Sea N’ B said that the event gave bands the chance to
entertain different demographics that they usually would.

a wonderful community event and a pleasure to play, she said.

more information on the Humane Society, visit or
call 949-1461.

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