Get your groove on at the sailing club

Islands Sailing Club and National Sailing Centre is always a hive of activity,
with multitudes of youngsters, sailors, windsurfers and water sports enthusiasts
congregating daily to enjoy the excitement and the thrills of the water.

equally exciting out of the water; too, with a thriving bar area that hosts
everything from pool competitions to pop-punk band rehearsals – and, of course,
the annual summer ball.

year’s shindig is set to be an incredibly popular and it takes place tonight,
Friday 11 June, starting at 7.30pm and going into the wee small hours of Saturday
morning with a 1am finish.

Club Tropicana

theme this year is Tropical Fever – something that everyone can surely identify
with given the recent heat and humidity, not to mention the hot rain that has
been hammering down from time to time. It’s a particularly Caribbean phenomenon
where the skies seem to be heavy with expectation, waiting for an excuse to let
it all go free in an exuberant and energetic burst.

like the weather, there’s a massive amount of expectation in the air.
Similarly, you don’t have to be an expert dancer to get involved. There might
not be instructors on hand to guide you, windsurf lessons-style, as to where to
put your hands and feet – but you can be sure that if you’re dancing with a hottie
and your flip-flops tread on toes, or your hands wander to where they
shouldn’t, you’ll surely be told rather sharply about it. Not that it will take
the wind out of anyone’s sails, but just something to bear in mind.

cost $100 for club members and $120 for non-members. Included in the price is a
three-course meal, live band, cabaret and disco. Tickets are limited, according
to the organisers. Email [email protected] for further information.

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