Katherine Chiazza: VAS Featured Artist of the Season at Pedro

in the footsteps of Dana Lowe, Charles Long and Maureen Lazarus, Katherine Chiazza’s
show will offer up her latest work and hopefully win her work dramatic
landscapes a wider audience.

Lloyd, the Visual Arts Society’s co-chair, said: “We are delighted to have
Katherine as our fourth Featured Artist of the Season.  She is an extremely gifted artist with a
unique style of painting that many people in Cayman will not have seen before.
I encourage art lovers and those new to the visual arts scene, to come out to
Watler House at Pedro Castle to appreciate her beautiful canvasses”.

unique style Mr. Lloyd refers to is the artist’s preference for applying paint
onto the canvas with a pallet knife rather than using brushes.

smear, scrape and literally whack the paint onto my canvas,” Mrs. Chiazza

it is with the same colour of oil paint, sometimes a mixture of colours.  I like to explore with texture as much as
colour, until I get the desired effect for my paintings”.

such a distinct, and some would say haphazard style of painting, one would
assume that the artist would lean towards specialising in abstracts; however,
this isn’t the case.

the application of multiple layers, and her techniques for using the pallet
knife blade, the painter creates her trademark landscapes and country scenes.

in Ireland and schooled in Wales, Mrs. Chiazza is self-taught and has been
painting for the last 10 of her 14 years in Cayman. While her current work
largely depicts the lush profusion of the local landscape, many of her earlier
works reflect her European travels in Italy and the UK.

certified accountant, wife and mother of two, paints mainly in her garden and
finds inspiration from the trees and plants around her. Several of her newer
canvasses are bold and striking in composition and colour. One such piece is
titled Poinciana and features an imposing burnt orange tree, created with
layers of painted to realistically capture the abundant foliage, behind a
vibrant purple sky.

paintings are more softly hued but are equally arresting. Complementing many of
her canvases, are hand-made solid wooden frames, custom-made by the painter’s

VAS exhibition will feature 20 of Katherine Chiazza’s paintings. To meet the
artist while viewing her paintings, attend the opening night reception,
Thursday, 17 June, 6-9pm.  The exhibition
continues Saturday, 19 and Sunday, 20 June, 11am-2pm.Admission is free.


The Visual Arts Society’s featured Artist of the Season, Katherine Chiazza with her painting titled Poinciana.
Photo: Submitted

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