Zombies looking for a little music

Makers of an upcoming zombie movie
in Cayman are looking for a local music artist to create a “feel good” song for
one of the scenes.

The director of Zombie Driftwood,
Bob Carruthers, said he was looking for any kind of music that can illustrate a
carefree car journey in Cayman.

“We are looking to find a locally
produced and recorded feel good song by local artist which can be used for a
scene in the film… We are looking for any genre of song from rap, hip hop,
dance, rock, soca through to country,” Mr. Carruthers said.

“It just has to be an upbeat song
that sums up the joy of driving through Cayman on a sunny day. It must be an
original composition by a Caymanian artist and the artist must own and control
the music publishing rights. No recordings of other people’s songs can be
considered,” he added.

He said local artists who wanted to
be considered should send an MP3 with their name and address and contact
details to [email protected]

The movie is due to be filmed in
the last two weeks of June, with two major set pieces being filmed during the
last weekends of the month.

One of those scenes will be shot on
Saturday, 19 June, at the Driftwood Bar in North Side and involves a crowd of
zombies watching a concert by an extreme metal band who then break into a
country line dance tune.

World Cup zombies

There has a been a lot of interest
in Cayman from people who want to sign up to be zombie extras in the film, and
Mr. Carruthers is taking into account that many of those are also likely to be
soccer fans.

“Filming starts at 4pm, right after
the England football match in the World Cup, but our second unit will be
filming individual cameos from 2pm onwards,” he said.

Driftwood Bar will be showing the
World Cup matches and Mr. Carruthers said: “Zombie extras are welcome to watch
the match at the bar and make a day of it.”

The film has been written by
Driftwood owner Phil Eckstein.

The production needs 200 zombie
extras, who will not receive any pay. Those who want to take part, and who
register in advance, should come dressed as zombie cruise ship passengers,
zombie heavy metal fans, zombie rastafarians, zombie cruise ship crew members
or zombie cruise ship entertainers, the director said. Anyone under 18 must be
accompanied by an adult.

To sign up to be a zombie extra,
people are asked to register before 17 June at [email protected],
stating how they will be dressed and how many people in their party.


Youtube viewers got a taste of what
the movie entails when the first trailer for the zombie flick was released last

The trailer features a television
news presenter reporting that a cruise ship has disappeared off Bermuda and
then cuts to a TV weatherman in front of a video backdrop of a beach. As he
reports on the weather, with his back to the screen, a zombie crawls out of the

View Zombie Driftwood Trailer


Bad zombie
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