Armed police interrupt attack

Two armed Royal
Cayman Islands Police Officers interrupted an attack on a woman early Thursday
morning in West

Police were
patrolling along Garvin Road,
West Bay in the pre-dawn hours Thursday. They
approached a parked vehicle in the area and saw what they described as “a savage
attack” on a young female who was in her car. 

The offender ran off into the bush when the officers approached, police said. The officers
rendered first aid to the victim who had suffered a cut throat as well as
bruising to her face. 

She was taken
to hospital in stable condition and is expected to survive.

A full scale
search for the suspect was carried out, but no arrests were immediately

“The officers,
by going about their normal patrolling duty, clearly prevented what could have
been an even worse attack,” RCIPS Inspector Lauriston Burton said. “Every
effort is being taken to try and arrest the



  1. It is good to know some officers still carefully patrol the streets. How I see many of the officers today patroling upsets me. They zoom across you like you didn’t exist, sometimes at speeds over 50 mph. They really need to learn what community policing is about – I think every Constable should be tauhgt community policing. When I was a cop, we were taught that patrol speed was 25 mph and less, and we use to dim our lights and creep our vehicles through the neighborhoods. We use to creep through the dark alleys and cruise along dike roads. That was how Police patrol in a county or small district! Cayman is no different! We shouldn’t have officers in the fancy police cars I see speeding along our main roads from point A to point B like a race track. This is not patrolling

  2. And this is why all our officers need to be properly trained to carry firearms on duty. You take a gun to a knife fight!

  3. Credit given when credit is deserved – you two officers are heros. Thank you for being out there and doing a fantasic job! Now go get the (expletive).

  4. Why are they heroes ? They are paid to serve and protect the community and they did just that, in this case.
    I’ve been wondering for years how the police are never in the vicinity when so many armed robberies are going down in as small a place as Grand Cayman.
    Do they patrol purposely to be ‘just a little late’ so they don’t have to confront armed robbers themselves ?
    I agree that it might be time to arm the RCIPS on a more general basis but is the Cayman Islands ready to have the police shoot and kill some of these criminals ?
    That is a serious question that needs to be answered.
    Its beginning to look inevitable to me.

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