Wraps may wrap around your waistline

beings are such trend followers, as can be seen by the current attraction in
the food industry to “wraps.”

days of the sandwich being the only selection of choice are long gone. Wrap
flatbreads are increasingly popular and come in a variety of sizes, colours and
textures. Something about ordering a “wrap” seems to be healthy.

in the day when I was getting weight off, our carbohydrate/bread selections
were limited to two servings a day. This basically meant two ordinary slices of
bread per day, sometimes three if you were active. 

ordinary slices of bread equalled about 80 calories per slice and were precious
to our mental health as well as our ability to lose weight. Many people attest
to being a “bread person.”

thin-sliced or diet bread came on the scene which opened our options to be able
to eat more bread per serving, but these products were sorely lacking in
nutritional content and quality and were heavily processed with chemicals.

losing weight in an increasingly challenging mega-size world is your goal, the
wrap must come under careful scrutiny.

reading the label of a gourmet-style wrap in one of our supermarkets, I was
stunned to see that the calorie count was 370. That was the wrap alone, no

the old equation of a bread serving equally 80 calories, that single wrap
(still unfilled) equals 4.6 servings of bread.

wraps wrapping around your waistline and not helping your scale to nudge its
way downward? I suspect for many this is so.

local venues are even lightly deep-frying wraps for a crispier exterior, adding
even more calories and fat to an already high-calorie product.

said that “there is nothing new under the sun,” and that adage applies to our
intake of breads and carbs for weight loss. Keep bread control in mind, but by
all means, do eat carbohydrates. Any weight-loss programme that does not allow
carbohydrates is a dangerous and dead-end route to go. 

moral of the story: if you are choosing wraps, be aware of the size of the wrap
and the calorie content. Share a wrap with a friend. Plan the rest of your day
with fruits, vegetables and good sources of protein to keep bread where it
needs to be to support weight loss. 

careful that those wraps may be wrapping around your waistline. 

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Wraps may not be as healthy as they look.
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