World Cup games broadcast delayed

Some games not shown until hours later

TV has changed its previous broadcast schedule for World Cup 2010 matches this
week and some of the upcoming games will not be broadcast live.

reason that eight games will be televised on tape delay between Tuesday and
Friday is partly because of how those games are scheduled.

(football’s international governing body) typically schedules the third and
final games of the group stage World Cup matches to be played at the same time.
This is done to avoid a situation that has occurred in previous World Cup
tournaments where teams that already know they have made it through to the
second round simply don’t play hard or even agree beforehand to end the game in
a draw.

does have two channels available to broadcast the matches, but there is only
one satellite feed available – so the company essentially has to pick which
World Cup matches are broadcast live and which ones are delayed.

means that a number of games coming up this week, such as USA v Algeria,
Honduras v Switzerland, and Paraguay v New Zealand will be broadcast two to
two-and-a-half hours late and fans will already know the outcome of the games
before they watch them.

have no control over this and again, just to clarify, IMC (International Media
Content Ltd.) is the only company with broadcasting rights for the Caribbean,”
a WestStar spokesperson said last weekend.

local TV station has already taken some heat for what is essentially a
contractual ‘blackout’ of World Cup games being shown on ESPN and Univision in
the Cayman Islands.

in Cayman who haven’t been able to view the World Cup games on ESPN (WestStar
channel 30) since Sunday, 13 June, began angrily emailing the Caymanian
Compass, asking why the coverage had been blacked out.

to WestStar TV Operations Director Tracy Bradley, the blackout of the US-based
broadcast network ESPN as well as Mexico-based Univision is due to distribution
rights for the World Cup in the Caribbean. That arrangement allows WestStar to
provide the World Cup only on its local channels, Cayman 27 and Island 24.

rights are a major source of income for FIFA … which sells distribution
rights for specific regions and WestStar has acquired the broadcast distribution
rights in the Cayman Islands,” a press release from the company stated.

rights require WestStar to only carry the feed delivered from IMC, the authorised
re-seller in the Caribbean, to ensure the interests of the sponsors are
protected. As a result, all (World Cup) feeds on the other cable channels have
been blacked out.”

some TV viewers reported on Sunday that ESPN was on the air broadcasting the
football matches again – for two games at least.


  1. RIDICULOUS! I know for a fact other countries in the caribbean are still getting the ESPN feed yet here in Cayman we cant get it. ESPN is broadcasting all games live by using their alternative channel which again makes me wonder why WestStar cannot achieve this on their channel. How about opening up the ESPN feed for games that you clearly do not have the capacity to carry? A channel that we as subscribers actually paid for when signing up for the sports package which supposedly includes ESPN etc
    Once again WestStar fails miserably in its coverage and planning of one of the biggest events in the world.

  2. Once again we are being deprived of coverage – ESPN 2 has the France-SA game and ESPN has Mexico-Uruguay, playing simultaneously. Weststar and Digicel have done it again!

  3. I realize there are a lot of those interested in the England game tomorrow, there are also a lot of us interested in the U.S. game as well; no one wins in this ridiculous situation! And who among us can turn on the computer without seeing somewhere who has won before we even get their "second" game?

  4. Don’t count on it souefendsally. The WestStar TV schedule yesterday showed that the France game would be live but we are actually getting the Mexico game. Following that logic we may miss England. Its going to be pot luck Im afraid.

  5. WestStar are ridiculous. I had resigned to hiding myself on Thursday so that I could watch Denmark in the evening as per their website schedule as if it were live.
    WestStar have shown a different game today than their schedule and also the second game will be on at 11am not in the evening as they had said. How am I supposed to know what is going on. Can’t they tell us waht is going on. Why is it the Compass that has to do this.
    If I stay away from the tv & net on Thursday I could end up missing it all together.
    WestStar are completely incompetent. This is driving me crazy. What a complete mess

  6. WestStar have just updated their schedule on their website. Check it out.
    DanishBacon your game has moved from 7pm to 4pm.
    Good effort by the host nation today. Shame the South Africans in Cayman couldn’t watch it.
    Looking at scousers comments below amongst others this seems to be a Cayman problem. I dont understand why WestStar are blaming FIFA for the scheduling when the rest of the world with more than one tv channel is managing fine.

  7. This makes me really angry! I having made arrangements to try and avoid hearing the scores only to find that WestStar have changed the scheduled times again. Hopefully the next change will be to show the games simultaneously. Thanks for the heads up Rob.

  8. I think WestStar and Digicel purchased the rights to broadcast here in Cayman from the guy with the shield jumping up and down in the World Cup Digicel commercial. It was cheaper for Weststar that way. BS!

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