Jamaican nannies not allowed for foreigners

According to a
policy set down by Cayman’s immigration boards, non-Caymanian permanent
residents are not allowed to employ domestic helpers from Jamaica.
The largely unknown
measure – which is not a part of the country’s Immigration Law – was revealed
during a Tuesday meeting of the Legislative Assembly’s Finance Committee.
Opposition MLA Arden McLean questioned whether this was in fact the boards’
“As far back as 10
years ago there is a policy that restricts the employment of nannies and helpers
from Jamaica to Caymanians,” said Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs
Chief Officer Franz Manderson, clarifying later that only Caymanians could
employ helpers of Jamaican nationality.
Permanent residents,
foreigners who have been given the right to live in Cayman for the rest of their
lives, can only become naturalised Caymanians after a process that typically
takes 15 years overall.
However, Mr. McLean
questioned why such a policy existed, since most permanent residents will have
the chance to eventually become Caymanian if they remain in the Islands long
“In effect, we have
integrated a permanent resident into society as by all accounts…that person
is going to be Caymanian,” Mr. McLean said. “That person is part of us now. Why
does that policy have to remain?”
Moreover, Mr. McLean
said he was concerned that an immigration board policy was apparently taking the
governance issues away from lawmakers the people elected.
“It should be their
policy how they operate the board, but not how we operate the country,” he said.
Back bench MLA Cline
Glidden, Jr. said this policy could put Cayman in big trouble when the country’s
first Bill of Rights comes into effect in 2012.
“From a human rights
standpoint, we would have to be getting into borderline discrimination,” Mr.
Glidden said. “That’s pretty blatant discrimination.”


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