Derelict car heaps come under Finance Committee spotlight

Pose a health hazard across Grand Cayman

Legislative Assembly members used a
Finance Committee discussion on the budget to urge public health officers to
investigate people piling up derelict vehicles illegally.

The independent Member of the
Legislative Assembly for North Side, Ezzard Miller, in a discussion over a line
item for pest control, said he had been submitting complaints to the Department
of Environmental Health over a rat infestation problem emanating from a pile of
wrecked cars in a yard near his house since last August.

“They are still there. Do you not
have any authority to stop people from creating these nuisances?” he asked the
director of environmental health, Roydell Carter.

Mr. Miller said that since public
health officers visited the site, another two cars, a minivan and a bus had
been added to the pile, which he described as a fence.

McKeeva Bush, in his capacity as
minister of finance and chairman of the Finance Committee, said he knew of
similar complaints across the Island that never seemed to be dealt with. “In my
own constituency [of West Bay], we have had complaints about a house for many
years. We just cannot seem to get it moved,” Mr. Bush said, asking Mr. Carter
what needed to be amended in the relevant legislation to help deal with such

Mr. Carter said new provisions were
being added to the environmental health law that would “address inconsistencies
and discrepancies and allow for more rapid responses relating to environmental
health matters”.

The MLA for East End, Arden McLean,
also weighed in on the topic, saying he had reported a site in George Town that
he said housed thousands of derelict vehicles. “You can’t see them from the
road, they are all stacked up. I’m sure they present a public health hazard.
There are people living in there as well,” he said.


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