Walkers bike ride a huge success

team of cyclists from Walkers raised over US$55,000 for a charity to defeat
blood cancer.

13-strong team from Walkers took part in ‘America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride’
around Lake Tahoe, Nevada, to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
on 6 June 2010. The bike ride was organised by Team in Training which puts on
various endurance events each year, such as marathons and triathlons, providing
specialist training programmes to help people raise money to beat blood
cancers. The 1,300 TNT riders taking part collectively raised over US$6

far, Team Walkers have raised US$55,807.91 thanks to the generosity of many
staff members at Walkers as well as family, friends and members of the
community in Cayman. It was a real team effort by Walkers, who rode in the
event as part of a major client’s team, with senior partners of the firm riding
alongside lawyers, managers and support staff.

Walkers consisted of Team Captain Nancy Lewis, Grant Stein, Ian Ashman, Mark
Lewis, Rolf Lindsay, Shelley Lindsay, Caroline Williams, Glen Inanga, Colette
Wilkins, Victoria Hew, Sarah Priaulx, Donna Harding and Wade Tamasa.

was a truly fabulous experience which has left us feeling energised and
inspired,” said Ms Lewis, chief executive officer of Walkers Global Holdings.

are delighted to have raised so much for such an important charity and I’d like
to thank everyone in the firm and all our friends for their donations, support
and encouragement. Many of us have friends or family members who have been
affected by this dreadful disease or other forms of cancer and everyone on our
team had their own personal reasons for taking part. It was a particularly
incredible effort from those in our team who were doing this ride for the first

Lewis, Mr. Stein and Mr. Lewis took part in this event last year. Many of the
riders participating this year were considerably less experienced and they put
in a huge effort in negotiating the steep hills and highways around Lake Tahoe,
as well as the months of training beforehand. The team completed a number of
long training rides in Cayman, however, these were in sharp contrast to the
series of demanding peaks of the 100-mile course, where the altitude ranges
between 6,300 feet and 7,100 feet above sea level, with numerous rolling
ascents and descents adding up to over 4,400 vertical feet of elevation gain.

a first timer, it was very difficult to prepare for the hills, although some
members of our team took spinning classes which would have helped,” said Ms
Hew, director of human resources at Walkers.

great spirit of camaraderie among the 3,000 people taking part in the event
helped to encourage the Walkers riders, as did the cheering crowds from the
sidelines, as well as the picturesque lake and mountain views.

of the members of Team Walkers managed to complete the 100-mile course, taking
between 6.5 and twelve hours to do so. Some of the team had to battle through
severe cramp in order to finish, while punctures were an annoyance for others.
In addition to finding the stamina and strength required in their legs and core
muscles, one of the challenges for the team was keeping together with so many
other cyclists on the road.  The members
of Team Walkers stood out from the crowd, however, as each of them had a Cayman
Islands Blue Iguana soft toy attached to their helmets as a mascot.

iguanas sparked a lot of confused questions about Godzilla and dinosaurs which
gave us the perfect opportunity to explain to our fellow riders about the
Cayman Islands and the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme – everyone loved it,”
said Ms Priaulx, associate with Walkers. 

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