Brac kids hooked a bonanza

fishing might go through a slow period during the summer months but Cayman Brac
residents can hold on to the memories from a recent competition last month.

Brac Barracuda Bonanza saw some 147 registered anglers, 29 boats and 20
anglers. Put on by the Rotary Club of Cayman Brac the event was a solid family
outing as junior fishermen were highlighted during the event.

fact most of the major awards were won by children. The complete list of
winners is as follows:

prize of US$1,000 – Jason McCoy, paid angler catching the heaviest barracuda

cell-phone – Thomas Scott (second heaviest barracuda 19lbs)

certificates from Brac Power and Light, Fosters Food Fair and Brac Reef resort
– Sanya Scott (heaviest barracuda caught by a lady angler)

Taking Most Children – Sanya Scott with five children

certificate for Market Place and deposit voucher for Cayman National Bank –
Shaun Bodden (heaviest barracuda caught by a boy) and Diana Demecado (heaviest
barracuda caught by a girl)

certificate Book Nook, Gift Certificate A.L. Thompson for second heaviest fish
– Codie Scott (boy), Emily Ritch (girl)

certificates for collective weight – Javon Bodden (boy), Rachal Dilbert (girl)

jacket, rod and reel for youngest angler – Jaythan Bodden (three and a half)
and Josani Burke (three and a half)

of Rotary Club of Cayman Brac Andrea Stevens gave her sentiments on the

year’s Barracuda Bonanza was a tremendous success. I knew that the event was
going to be even bigger this year than in the past because people registered
with me personally and Rotary Club members held an open registration at the
Cayman Brac Museum. There was a continuous flow of people during the two and a
half hours of open registration. On Saturday the weather was beautiful. My son
Daniel and I went fishing for three hours and we had a fabulous time with
Captain Alzee Walton, Beverly Scott, Lawrence Nelson and his daughter Zorina.
We also carried my son’s friend Joseph Wagner. Captain Alzee told the children
a lot about the history of different areas around the northeast end of the
island and he let them take turns reeling in fish.” Based on last year’s
schedule, the next major fishing tournament for the Cayman Islands takes place
in August. Weather permitting; the next version of the annual billfish release
competition should occur at the end of the month. For the record marlin
(whether white or blue) are usually in great supply in August.

meanwhile said that plans are in place for more Brac fishing tournaments next

“In the future the Rotary
Club is considering organizing a catch and release type of tournament. We plan
to survey this year’s adult participants to get feedback about the tournament
this year and see if people would like to see it changed. Also, the Rotary Club
is especially grateful to Mick Mayher and his crew at Reef Divers and Jason at
Little Cayman Beach Resort for providing a fishing expedition and free lunch
for 24 high school students as part of Barracuda Bonanza.”