Letters to the Editor: New tourism face needed

consider myself to have been academically a late developer. But I began to
enjoy learning at the beginning of my third year in college. One reason was
that I was introduced to history, philosophy and the social sciences. These academic
disciplines presented me with the opportunity to become connected with a wider
world, past, present and future. 

became happy knowing that over many generations world history had changed
slowly and sometimes radically until human beings in at least Western Europe
figured out that there needed to be a break and a permanent separation between
religious dogma and science. And that thinking acting man could create a philosophy
of action, which could reveal much about man’s social construction of reality.

today’s post-modern realities many of us would prefer to go back to the past
when the churches and the institutions of religious dogma controlled our lives,
leaving free will and free choice to the dogs. But I am not one of those
persons. I believe that civilization on all continents has moved toward
realities that position us to make heaven down here on earth. To say this is
not to be blasphemous, because when I was a child we used to sing a song about
building a little heaven down here. Why, then, are the politicians in Cayman
failing to look reality in the face without their religious eyeglasses. Is this
because of the number of votes they gather from the membership of our churches?
Why do they not act as rational players? They were elected not to the pulpits
but to seats in our Parliament and as such they should be doing more to
understand and create new foundations for the continued growth of our secular

has been clear to me for some time now that Cayman will not move out of this
recession with prayers alone and that decisive actions by our politicians to
create a new and exciting face for tourism in these Islands is urgently needed.
What they must do is redefine Caymanian tourism by allowing the North Sound to
be dredged not just for mega yachts but also as a safe harbour and a dock for
cruse tourism. The North Sound fed me as a child and my father and grandfather
before me but the fish have left and they are not coming back; I think mostly
because of noise. The North Sound must now be put to fulfil another historical
mission for the Caymanian people.

Financial Service Industry will have very little growth in the near future and
we must turn again to tourism as the main pillar of our economy. And the fact
is that tourism will put money in the pockets of a larger number of our people
than will the Financial Service Industry. This will mean that we have to change
our Liquor Licensing law by bringing it in line with 21st Century realities.
People who choose to drink should be allowed to do so if they do not hurt
anyone but themselves. And those that want to attend church know that there are
many more churches than licensed premises so they will not be short of finding
their special form of celebration and joyful praising. Preachers will of course
have to pay more attention to their flock than to what kind of car they drive
but that should be good for Christianity and our society as a whole.

last but not of least significance we must reserve the area around the Queen’s
Highway to build casino hotels. This area is majestic and can hold its own. We
will have to consider this move as the last big phase of the commercial
development of the Cayman Islands and it must be thought out in ways that will
build a permanent and sustainable foundation for the Caymanian people of which
my son Joshua is a part. The future generations will speak more highly of those
of us about ready to pass on the leadership torch to them, if we pass it on
with some oil in it.

know there are those that will find pleasure in labelling me as being this and
that but they must know by now that I have never been afraid of my ideas nor do
I lack the courage to practice them.