Triple C’s advanced placement programme thrives

C School’s director of development Marjorie Ebanks said the school was poised
to become the advanced placement centre for the Cayman Islands following recent

school in George Town piloted advanced placement courses and exams in the
2008-2009 school year and doubled the number of courses offered in the
2009-2010 school year.

now plans to add science and history courses next year to the four courses
presently offered – English Composition, English Literature, Calculus and
Studio Art.

Ebanks said the school was committed to adding more courses each year until the
optimal number is achieved.

C School is the best poised for this task and since we have already started the
programme, we are operated on the US system, and several of our teachers have
actually taken the courses and exams as high school students, it seems quite
natural that we should move forward with this highly desirable programme,” Ms
Ebanks said.

said much a considerable amount had been invested in staff training and the
school’s board was committed to the continued training of teachers in preparing
the advanced placement syllabus and teaching the classes.

C’s laboratory facilities are being upgraded to accommodate the AP courses and
Triple C’s staff is already familiar with the American curriculum and
requirements in these courses, thus making it a “natural fit”, Ms Ebanks said.

Placement credit is a programme of the College Board in the US to challenge
able students to start their college studies in high school. Students who take
the exam and receive a four or five (and in some schools, three) in a subject
on a scale of 1 – 5 will receive college credit.

who reach high scores can skip course levels in college and some have been
known to skip an entire year, thus saving their parents the cost of a year of
university education, a press release from the school stated.

Galvao of the class of 2009 said: “I’m glad I took the English Literature AP
course. I was able to move to the second level English course in University
because of it and this put me ahead of many of my classmates.”

to the school, the AP exams are highly valued in the US and internationally,
and even if students do not take the exam, it helps them prepare for college
level education.

who have completed the 11th grade in any school, whether on the British or the
American system, who are able students and willing to submit to an academically
rigorous programme are invited to contact Triple C School for information and
admission to the programme.

can also learn more about the programme by typing in Advanced Placement in a
search engine to see course descriptions of the 37 exams offered by AP in 22
subject areas.

C School is inviting members of Cayman’s business community to consider being a
sponsor of the programme.

addition to the AP courses, Triple C School also offers CXC courses at the
10-11th grade level.