Police warn of ‘mugging’ email scam

are repeating advice to the public not to give out banking information online
after an email from a man claiming to be a mugging victim began circulating in

from the police’s Financial Crime Unit said the sender claims he has been
mugged while on holiday abroad and asks for money to help him get home.

unsolicited email asks recipients to respond if they can help and advises he
will get back to them with details of how to transfer the cash.

is a scam,” said Detective Inspector Rudolph Gordon from the Financial Crime
Unit. “Please do not make contact with the sender of the email and do not, at
any time, give out any personal or banking details over email.”

Anyone with concerns about this or
other email scams can contact the Financial Crime Unit on 949-8797.


  1. The scammer hacks into someone’s e-mail account and sends a request for money to everyone on their contact list so it appears the request comes from someone you know. Doesn’t work if you happen to be sitting in a bar next to the supposed victim.

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