World Cup ‘experts’ score own goal

may be champions in their field of work, but when it comes to World Cup
predictions they are definitely also rans. The Caymanian Compass ‘expert’ World
Cup panel has scored a few own goals in their predictions but at least
marketing exec Anne Mason is placed fourth on the leader board after Tuesday’s
Holland 3-2 win over Uruguay.

readers Kruse Smith and Omar Afflick have stormed ahead on 880 points. Third is
radio presenter Ben Maxwell on 840 points and Anne is closely behind on 820,
the same tally as Hugh Dickson, Phil Jackson and Justin Uzzell, who is another
member of the Cayman Free Press team. 

football know-all David Logue has 800 points which would probably have been
much higher if Scotland had made a rare appearance in the World Cup finals
because predictions would have been for huge losses each time!

Klein is a German who describes himself as an ‘expert’ but his predictions have
been way off the mark. Maybe he’s been too distracted by Germany’s unexpected
success in South Africa.

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