Letters to the Editor: Don’t interfere with God’s plan

seems to be a lot of people complaining about what the government is doing but
have they forgotten about our history; where we came from, who put us here, the
life we are supposed to live and where we are going according to the choices we

life was already planned out for us but God gave a choice; life or death,
blessings or curses, but the last thing he said was choose life.

statement still holds true today. This plan that God has for us was not after
the fall of man; this great plan was from the beginning. He was ready for
anything and everything that would transpire in His plan for us. God was not
taken by surprise. Ask yourself this question; did the government create you or
anything else? Where was the government when God created this world? Cayman
does not belong to the premier. We were told to pray for the heads of the
countries that we could live a peaceful life serving God. Does our government
ever interfere with our worship or service to God? No, they never have.

dependence was always meant to be on God through His son, Jesus Christ and no
one else. Before the foundation of the world, God had a passion for us; a
passion that we would imitate Him on earth, to be what the scripture called His
ambassadors. Everything He has given to His son, Jesus Christ, and receiving
Him as Lord and Saviour, we become joint heir with Christ, which means also
having everything that He has. Nothing was kept back from us. That is why God
said to choose life.

that is happening He knew was going to happen. Some people take the history
book just to say that time is being fulfilled, but it was not meant for that
only; it was meant for us more than for the fulfilling of the time. It tells us
how we ought to live, can live and be taken care of through Christ Jesus.

knowing that our life was already planned, we plan our own lives, but now we
know better because the truth has finally come to our attention.

Jews and the Gentiles share the same plan of God. We become one is Christ

Gentiles are no longer called outcasts. The seal of approval is the spirit of
God, not the spirit I hear some people talk about.

fullness of the Godhead is in us. That is the seal of approval. Without that
seal, we have no part of God.

was the messiah who came to save His people. He healed the sick, raised the
dead, cleansed the lepers, and made the blind see. He even gave us, by His
death, the new birth we call born again. He was also the son of God, not an
angel, as some people try to make us believe because they do not know any better.
He was crucified, put in a tomb and rose again and we are to believe in Him. On
earth Jesus’ kingdom is spiritual. If we are not in His kingdom, we will never
be protected.

people take no part in the state of economy, except to pray and stand on the
word of God and His promises, because we know that all our needs are being met
according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. We were told by our high
priest, Jesus, to be in the world, but not of it.

go back to your history book and study it, then you will see who is to blame
for what is happening to everyone who is complaining.



  1. In the past year there has been several young Caymanians who have lost their lives to violence, some being so innocent that we found it so hard to comprehend. But we humans learn from watching and listening… Some of the parents of these young people are involved in some of these crimes, and even after losing one of their loved ones to crime they as parents still continue in their crime way of life. They get up there and organise or participate in marches agoinst crimes and violence and yet behind the scenes still continue in their criminal way of life, going around flattening people’s ties, scratching their enemies cars up, tearing of their windshield vipers and making death treats. Apparently even losing a loved one cannot change some peoples way living. Cayman if we want our young people to grow up in a healthy enviroment and be productive upstanding citezens and proud of their heritage then we need to start by being examples to our young Caymanians.

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