The floating restaurant, bar and lounge unveiled

Bernie Bush unveiled his new boat
Aqua, a floating restaurant and bar on 13 July, in an exclusive interview with
the Caymanian Compass.

The 150 foot long, 40 foot wide
craft is outfitted with five bathrooms, including one for handicapped individuals,
as well as three decks a dance floor and several dining and buffet areas. There
is a state of the art kitchen and fully outfitted bars on board.

Mr. Bush said though the
undertaking required a huge investment, he is confident that the rebounding tourist
market will not only be the contributors to the success of the boat and so he
has more of a market to consider when forecasting.

“This craft is multipurpose and
will serve both visitors and Caymanians. We envision that people will be coming
for business parties, weddings, receptions, fund raisers, charters and these
types of excursions,” said Mr. Bush, who added that the boat would not be
operating full time to begin with and would be taking only bookings at this

The entrepreneur also pointed out
that his all Caymanian crew would make sure that guests had the best of
everything on offer.

“The boat is operated by jet
propulsion and does not use propellers and there are back up systems for
everything, as well as generators that keep all batteries charged and
everything is compartmentalised, meaning a problem cannot spread. We can
operate all those things from the control room,” explained Mr. Bush.

For more on Mr. Bush’s boat,
including additional pictures, look out for an upcoming edition of the Caymanian


  1. AS a friend of Bernie Bush in School, I think Bernie is great guy with the best of intentions, you all know the Islands are filled with restaurants, bars and lounges, why not a floating one, I guess it does pose certain dangers as getting drunk and falling overboard, it that anymore dangerous than getting drunk and driving a car or even walking across the road while drunk, at least hitting the water might sober one up( just kidding)! Once it has proper Security on aboard, Why not? While I’m not personally for or against it, Why not give Bernie a chance, he has given alot to the young people in the community through his dedication to Sports, why not give Bernie ( the entrepreneur) and a Caymanian a chance at a business venture!

  2. This could be a good idea if handled properly and I am sure that Mr Bush will! It would be great to have a floating restaurant to go to at night. That would be novel!

  3. Is this boat going to be anchored in the North Sound over-night or is it a permanent fixture? or does it cruise around? Where will it be located?

    If it is out in the Sound, how do you get to it if you don’t have your own boat?

    All I know is that I’m not packing up the family to drive my boat to the middle of North Sound to eat. If I’m already out there and I get hungry then 1.Morgans harbour, 2.Camana bay, 3.Rum point and 4.Kaibo are my options in that order.

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