Escaped prisoner in Bermuda uses Facebook to contact friends

Bermuda police can’t find man

Alvone Maybury was still on the loose last night and appeared to be updating
his Facebook account to tell friends he was all right.

24, escaped on Tuesday at 10.30 a.m. as prison guards led him away from
Magistrates’ Court where he had been charged with three gun related offences
just minutes before.

told The Royal Gazette the prisoner, with his hands still handcuffed in
front of him, could be seen sprinting along Victoria Street.

11 hours of his brazen escape Maybury appeared to be posting on a Facebook
account under his name. Those close to him told this paper they believed he was
posting the messages to let his friends know he was OK and show Police he was
still at large.

He told
friends he had spent his first hours playing video games

When we
contacted Maybury yesterday, through online messages, he confirmed he had
gotten the prison handcuffs off and said: ”I’m free all the way.

people up there [prison] are trying to make me go crazy that’s why I did wat I

way they run it is (expletive) n they don’t care about helping no one. It’s all about
the money 4 them.”

later in the evening a soft-spoken Maybury told ZBM news, in a telephone
interview where he did not revel his location, he had “lots of things going
through my head” and would turn himself in if given a safe way to do so. He
added that he did not intend to harm anyone.

that know Maybury told this paper the young man has had a troubled life. Both
of his parents died when he was young. At the age of 12 he ran away from
Observatory Cottage, which was a Government-run facility for troubled youths.
At the time Police appealed to the public to help find Maybury adding: “Alvone
has to take regular medication”.

At one
point the Department of Child and Family Services sent Maybury to an overseas
reform school.

Tuesday Commission of the Department of Corrections Edward Lamb said he knew
Maybury and did not think he would be a violent threat to the community while
at large. He urged the young man to turn himself in and said an investigation
had been launched into how he escaped and why he was not handcuffed behind his
back, which is protocol when prisoners leave a court.

spent Tuesday and yesterday searching the houses of those who know Maybury,
including one on Princess Street
where the mother of Maybury’s child used to live.

yesterday a special task force was established by Bermuda Police Service and
Department of Corrections to continue the “systematic search” for Maybury

spokesman added: ”The public is reminded that harbouring a fugitive is a
criminal offence for which a person can be sentenced to two years’

of the public are asked not to approach Maybury, but to contact Police
immediately to report clothing description, his location and his mode of
transport if he is seen.”

Maybury was busy yesterday updating his Facebook account an IT specialist told The
Royal Gazette
it was highly unlikely Police would be able to locate him
through that medium.

expert said Police would have to get the IP address of the phone Maybury was
using from the US Facebook company. The expert said this would likely take a while,
if Police did get it they would then have to contact the three cellular
companies on the Island and find out whose
company it was registered to. Then they would have to go through the logs
manually and try and pull out the location, something that was quite time
consuming because there is no local location-based software in place