Coalition create quality clash

Coalition Sound are the new sound
clash champions.

The duo outdid scene veteran Super
C International at the final showdown held at Margaritaville on 9 July, winning
$5,000  and the right to go on to
represent Cayman at the Fully Loaded music event in Jamaica on Sunday, 1

DJ Lin of Coalition said that it
had been a truly hard-fought battle from beginning to end.

“Super C’s fans came out very
strong, they were very vocal and expressive. The key to our victory was to get
our own fans and Super C’s strong supporters on board – but at the end of the
day our good music and style of playing really convinced them that we were
worth their applause, you know?”

Sudden death

The DJ said that the battle was
tied at two rounds each, so it went into a sudden-death tune-for-tune playoff
where each outfit played a song each up to five songs, much like a penalty
shoot-out. The loudest reaction to each song, in terms of big crowd response,
won each point.

“Super C played and didn’t connect
and when we played, we connected. We won three straight which meant we won the
clash but we carried on and won five straight rounds. People put up their hands
and cheered for whoever they wanted to win.

“The crowd seemed to completely
favour Super C in the beginning, which I completely respect as he’s a veteran
and a great DJ in the business. Some people want to take it as more than a
musical war but that’s all it is for us. There wasn’t no personal stuff, there
weren’t no hard feelings exchanged afterwards – I called him yesterday to
congratulate him on putting on a great show,” said DJ Lin, whose cohort and
secret weapon was compadre Scatter Hype.

Fully Loaded
Coalition Sound has long held the ambition to represent
their country at Fully Loaded. DJ Lin said it was a good opportunity to bring
the Cayman Islands into a wider arena.

“For many years I’ve said the
pinnacle of my DJ career would be to bring acknowledgement to Cayman DJs at
Fully Loaded. We often get overlooked as we’re from Cayman – a small island –
but I believe our combination of talent and style, dub plates, remixes and all
that gives us an opportunity to be recognised on an international level.

“The night was a double edged
sword; for me, I was honoured to clash with one of Caymanian music’s icons,
Super C, and at the same time winning puts a target on us as everyone will be
looking to us as the ones to beat,” he said.

Auspicious night

It was an auspicious night for more
than one reason; the DJ, during that successful five-song playoff, dropped a
bombshell on his girlfriend.

“We’ve been together for four
years, we have two beautiful children, a nice house and everything a loving
couple needs except for the same last name. I couldn’t even sleep the night
before the clash because I was trying to figure out how I was going to do the
proposal. I said to myself I’d know when the time is right, and so before the
final song, when everyone was still there and before they dispersed, I had the
cameraman shine a light on her to kind of blind her, then he put the line back
on a sign I held up which said ‘will you marry me’.

“Thankfully she said yes,” said the
victorious artist, who ended by throwing out respect to Super C, his fans and
Coalition’s own supporters, all of whom had made the night so memorable.

“That’s what it all comes down to –
entertainment for the people,” he said.


Coalition Sound: Clash winners.
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