No damage to equipment: CUC

Despite lightning strikes that shut
down power throughout Grand Cayman in the early hours Saturday, Caribbean
Utilities Company reported that none of its equipment or infrastructure had
been damaged.

Multiple lightning strikes led to
power outrages across the island for several hours, with full power being
restored by 7am Saturday morning.

“The system was not damaged. It is
set up in a way that once we have a significant number of lightning strikes and
depending on the severity of the strikes, the system shuts down and that protects
it from damage,” said CUC spokesperson Pat Bynoe-Clarke.

“The safety system operated the way
it was designed,” she said of the electricity shutdown on Saturday.

Once the system shuts off, it takes
two and a half hours for power to be restored, she added.

Among the CUC locations struck by
lightning was its main generation station in North Sound Road.

CUC crews went to locations where
lightning strikes were reported. “Wherever they needed to go, the crews went,”
Ms Bynoe-Clarke said.


  1. whoppee, i am glad that none of their equipment was damaged, too bad for Joe 5’8 how many millions of dollars worth of electrical equipment gets fried annually by this company in the islands and have you ever heard of anyone getting a cent in compensation?

  2. Yup, heaven forbid that CUC may have damage, which cuts into thier 20 million dollar a year profit margin, which they gain from only 55K people on the island.

    Amazing how much electricity costs, don’t it.

    Especially when they wont’ let anyone generate enough solar energy with a grid tie in, to make it worth while to get solar.
    CUC is the only electric company i know, that the electric company charges YOU for extra electricity you generate, so they can sell it back to joe public for more money. So you pay them twice, for electricy that doens’t cost them a cent to generate. Brilliant!!!!

  3. When is government going to allow another form of energy to be sold in the islands instead of this monopoly? Bringing in competition to the telecoms proved that a little competition is good for the consumer!

  4. Problem is reader, that the government can’t do anything. If they decide to get the "nukes" they talked about last year, or an alternate source
    CUC will just pack up and go home. Leaving the island with no electricity for months.

    CUC has this island by the short and curlies. With no way out.

  5. I am not so sure big berd. The cost of implementing other alternative energies into homes is not cheap so I do not think that the take up from the mass population will be tremendous. But I do think that we should be given the opportunity to have choice.

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