Summer camp lets kids sample careers

An annual careers summer camp,
recently hosted by the Youth Services Unit at the University College of the
Cayman Islands, complemented the ongoing careers advice students receive in

This year the five-day camp set up
a number of simulations in order to give students some hands-on, and where
possible, real-time experience, that is as close as possible to an actual work
setting to help ease participants’ eventual transition from school to

The camp consisted of four main
sections: An interview process, in which students were taught the skills needed
to prepare and do well in an interview setting; a fashion design workshop; an
office procedures section; and a multimedia and radio broadcasting workshop,
led by James Myles, a presenter with the Youthflex radio show on Radio

Various members of the community
collaborated with the Youth Services unit to host the camp. Melanie Sims, government
protocol office coordinator, was in charge of the interviewing process; Lorna
Bush from the Cayman National Cultural Foundation was in charge of office
procedures; Luigi Moxam, owner and executive designer of One Tree Four Five
clothing collection, and Rosemary Ebanks hosted the fashion design groups; and
Mr. Myles conducted the radio component.

“They really enjoyed it, You could
see the excitement in them, when they were actually carrying the various roles,
and those persons who came in and imparted knowledge to them were really
soaking it up,” said Youth Empowerment Officer Leasa Charlton. “We tried to
make it as practical as possible for them. We also had some element of fun,
while at the same time they were learning,” she said. One of the students,
Jevaughnie Ebanks, 13, said: “We went first from fashion design, to radio
broadcasting. In fashion design we designed T-shirts, which was fun. I think
there’s a slim chance that I would probably do fashion as a career. I liked the
fact that I got to design a shirt with graphic designs how I like it and that’s
how we as young people like it.”

Max Pairaudeau, 12, a student at
Cayman Prep and High School, said, “We learned about multimedia, interviewing,
and office procedures. We learned how to answer the phones, and not being

Along with the help of adults,
Danielle Borden, 15, was in charge of writing the camp’s newsletter. “I like to
write. When I was in primary school, creative writing competitions were cool to
go into,” she said. Danielle recently graduated from St. Ignatius High School
and wants to be a journalist.

The youth services Unit will also
host a Culinary Camp from 26-30, July.


Students in the office procedure group, Max Pairaudeau and Shemar Lindsay.
Photo: Samantha Bonham