Arden: ‘Let’s vote out Premier’

PPM says comments were ‘tongue-in-cheek’

member of the former ruling government and now opposition MLA Arden McLean said
late Thursday that he would bring a motion for a vote of ‘no confidence’ in
Premier McKeeva Bush to the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly.

comments were made during a gathering of about 125 supporters of the People’s
Progressive Movement political party outside the downtown courthouse Thursday

McLean’s statements were not echoed publicly by any other elected PPM
at Thursday’s event. In fact, one PPM party member later said the East End MLA’s comments should be taken “in the tongue-in-cheek manner they were made”. 

lamenting the state of Cayman’s economy and the numerous fees brought by the
current government to help balance the budget, Mr. McLean urged PPM party
supporters to lobby ruling United Democratic Party lawmakers to cast ‘no
confidence’ votes as well.

only thing we can do to help you at this time is bring a vote of no confidence
in the premier, but you have to help us,” Mr. McLean said. “What you have to do
is impress upon a few of those who are on the other side that they got to vote,
and we’re going to have a secret ballot.”

they don’t do anything else they can at least mark an X, to rid this country of
that premier.”

McLean said that the PPM members did not want to form the government
immediately if such a vote was successful.

he said they would move for another general election to be held prior to the
next scheduled date – which is likely to be in May 2013.

vote of no confidence, and we don’t want to form the government, we want to go
back to general election and let you decide who you want to have there,” Mr.
McLean said. “That’s what the country needs, and let’s do it now.”

of the concerns expressed at the Thursday night political meeting had to do
with a range of fees approved within the past year by the ruling UDP

Bush – who is currently off island – has repeatedly said that most of those fee
increases were needed precisely because the previous PPM government left Cayman
with an $81 million operating deficit in its last budget.

Bush has said the PPM left Cayman in such dire straits as to force the country
to “beg the UK” to borrow more money just to keep its daily operations going.

there are 15 elected members in the Legislative Assembly. Nine, including Mr.
Bush, sit on the government side of the aisle.

are five members of the opposition PPM party, and one independent lawmaker,
Ezzard Miller, who sits on the opposite side from the government, but away from
the opposition party as well.



  1. But if a vote of no confidence in McKeeva and the UDP mean a possible retun to a PPM government then that is not necessarily a rosier picture. The UDP inherited many issues which rightly or wrongly, or for better or worse, they have at least shown an ability to act, done, implemented change. Maybe there is a greater plan and benefits that will come from these action that we yet do not appreciate.

  2. Everyone thought that the recession in the US would never have any effect on the Caymans…. so PPM went along with business as usual. When the walls crumbled and Bush has to pick up the pieces it seemed to me he panicked and made some very bad decisions that will effect the future of Cayman for a longtime.
    – roll over policy has driven workers away
    – increase in permit fees has driven companies and its employees away to cheap jurisdictions
    – the LA’s reluctance to reduce their pay 20% showed the people that the heads of this country will not make any sacrifices but instead increase duties on imports, fuel (utilities) etc.
    – transparency laws with the US, UK and Canada, even though necessary makes the essence of Cayman obsolete.

    All these attribute to the increase in crime and the increase in the unemployment rate.

    Homes don’t sell, rent has decreased, disposable income has decreased, cost of living has increased (thanks to increased duties)

    in a time when government should be doing everything it can to attract foreign business and grow this country it is doing the opposite… penalizing companies for being here, and this decision will affect Cayman forever.

  3. Finally, someone with a modicum of sense has come forward! I’ve been wishing for this for a long time!
    McKeeva’s first order of business after taking office was to find a way to discontinue Pirate’s Week! Yeah, that’ll fix the economy and who cares about some renaming of cultural events. All of that was part of the pirates week festivities! Ezzard, you know I’m right! Let’s get Cayman back in good hands.

  4. Every one of you morons all l5 of you better vote X as a no confidence vote against the premier and get this Castro #2 out of our hair you Hear me?

    This man is determined to dictate and throw whatever trash he feels down our throats, enough is enough, we put him there, we can remove him!

    He put Kurt out in 2001, we’ll do him the same.

    Turn the tables on him now!


    Independent & proud

    Who’s going to lead, when you shift him.
    "Ezzard Miller,

    Not Kurt and Not Alden. Enough of those two!

  5. If we vote out the Premier for a General Election before the 2013 scheduled one, will there be enough time for Independants to campaign as well. Because I am personally wary of the PPM holding power again.

  6. If the country was 81 million dollars in deficit. Then why in heaven’s name is Big Mac taking l0 million dollars or more from dormant accounts ONLY to put it into Julie’s hands to throw away on a $9 million dollar so called shelter!

    Who does this man think he is God?
    Every individual that has exalted his or herself as highly as this one has fallen.

    The bible says in Proverbs l6:18 Pride comes before a fall and a haughty spirit before destruction !

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