Fresh ideas for summer fun

Summer can be a fun and exciting
time for youngsters and a stress-free environment for parents if they take just
a few minute to work out a summer plan.

The bottom line is that kids just
want to be entertained when summer comes.

Here a few suggestions that might
spark their interest.

Fishing is fun

Every kid likes the idea of showing
of their first catch to friends, so plan a day to go fishing. Give pointers on
how to clean and cook the fish outdoors. Let your child take a friend along so
they can brag about who caught the biggest fish and the one that got away. Let
them enjoy swimming while the fish is cooking.

Take the back roads

Biking is another adventure trip,
and less-travelled back roads are good options to avoid traffic.  Pack a small backpack with water, snacks and
drinks and hit the dirt roads. Kids must always wear a helmet and safety pads.

Go visiting

Not the adventurous type? Let them
visit with grandma and hear stories of yesteryear. The older folks usually have
a good tale to spin. Grandma not around? Arrange a brief visit at a retirement

More ideas:

Nature walk – But don’t just walk
through it and you’re done. Sit and draw the animals, figure out what they’re
doing. Find out names of Cayman’s indigenous plants; research what each plant
is used for and how to preserve them.

Take photos and draw the different old
and new buildings around Cayman.

Start a collection: insects, marbles,
bugs, coins, leaves, rocks and buttons, or anything else your child likes.

Go bird watching and record and
catalogue information on various types of birds, flowers, animals, and insects.

Visit the Cayman Islands National Museum
and have youngsters pick out favourite art pieces. Do research on the artist or

Community service work:  Pick up litter in a park, work in a shelter
serving food, or contact a friend or neighbour who may need help.

Write letters to friends and family,
especially if they don’t have email, and send those wonderful works of art that
children make.

George Town Central Library offers a
reading programme assisted by volunteers.

With all of these fun activities in
mind, just choose from among your favourites and enjoy the rest of the holidays.


Creative ideas will keep kids occupied this summer.
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