Letters to the Editor: Get over your pity party

So life has got you down in the
dumps and you have invited everyone you know to your grand pity party. 

Your parents didn’t love you and
continue to let you down. 

You were abandoned as a child. Your
best friend ran off with your boyfriend in high school and your favourite pet
just died. 

Sad, yes, life changing, maybe,
hopeless, never ever.  Why? Because you
are reading this and that means that you have been given a new day to do better,
get better and be better. Now don’t get me wrong, the pity party may just be
what the doctor ordered. A nice tub of Haagan Daz ice cream, a tear jerker
movie and your buddy that will listen to you moan about your sorry life the
whole night if need be may be the best thing to do at that moment in your life.
But get this, it is only a moment in your life and should be journeyed through
as quickly as you journeyed there. 

More probably if you are stuck, it
is because you are sitting in your mess and refusing to get out. When you
notice that your die hard buddy no longer wants to hear your stuff, let that be
a wakeup call that it is time for you to be singing a different tune. Life is
what we make it and yes yours may have had its ups and downs but every one of
us has a story, some a bit sadder than others, but nevertheless we all have a

When we look at others and start to
burden them down with the problems in our lives it would surprise us to know
the stuff that they might have to endure and often times we are too busy
complaining to even wonder much less ask them. There are folks that we say
“hello, how are you” to and one hour later we are still standing there hearing
about how tough and terrible things are for them. What happens the next time we
see them? We walk fast the other way to avoid them or hide so they don’t see us
because we are simply tired of being dragged down by their mess. 

Don’t be one of those folks! 

Find that quiet place, cry that
river and move on.  The quicker you do
this the better! Forgive your parents, they probably did the best that they
knew how and you are now responsible to fix yourself. Get another pet, life is
about transition and change where pets die and for Heaven’s sake, your friend
is not your friend if she ran off with your boyfriend and you are better off
without those two unscrupulous people in your life anyway. Thank God she has
him now. Count that the blessing! 

So dry your eyes fix your hair and
face the world. There is more out there ready for the taking. Armour yourself
with a smile, some hope, scruples and prayer and you will be well on your

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week is going at [email protected] or check out my website at www.somebodysmama.com